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DIY // 100 Days of Love

I was really inspired by the 52 Reasons I Love You DIY deck of cards you’ve seen all over the internet.  A good tutorial is here.  But I wanted to do something different.  Make it my own… you know?  I couldn’t be more excited to share my spin.


52 Reasons is just not enough… and why give them the whole book at once when you can make the gift last longer… saaayyyyy 100 days. (wink wink)  This is a GREAT gift, especially if your loved one is deployed.  The idea here is that he will be able to pull out a reason(s) daily which will let him know how much you love him every. single. day. for 100 days! 





-mason jar (or other cute container)

-computer / printer or paper / pen

-decorations// tag, twine, chalkboard sticker (1.99 each at Michaels)







Same concept – write down 100 reasons why you love your partner.  (parents, boyfriend, fiancé, girlfriend, husband etc).  Triple space them and hit print!  You can also hand write each one if you prefer.  Cut out each reason in strips.  Fold the strip of paper.  Drop in a mason jar or some other cute container.  Decorate jar and give!  After the 100 reasons are up I like to give the full list as a keep sake.








drop + repeat

1. You always take care of me when I’m sick
2. You can finish my sentences
3. You know me so well, you could order for me at our favorite resturant
4. You know what all of my favorite things are
5. You let me change the channel when it’s half time of a sports game
6. You help me do the dishes after dinner
7. You kiss our daughter (or son) goodnight and tuck her in for the both of us
8. You remind me everyday that you will love me forever
9. You leave me notes in my lunch reminding me to smile.
10. You make the bed even if I didn’t tell you too

11. You let me shop

12. You love your mom 

13. You go to church

14. You walk away to fart

15. You let me sleep in

16. You buy me little things all the time to be sweet and show me you love me and are thinking about me

17. You go to the grocery store for me

18. You take the dog out in the morning when I’m still asleep

19. You cook for me

20. You grab a bottle of wine on your way home from work some days

21. You can be silly

22. You are kind to strangers

23. The dimples in your smile 

24. You never quit on me

25. Post it.  No running. You love me even when you hate me. (line credit. Grey’s Anatomy)

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xoxo Ady