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Digital Jobs: Organizational Tricks to Help You Multitask

As we live in a digital world, it’s no wonder that so many professions have gone digital as well. Programming, digital marketing, social media management, blogging, graphic design, etc. are just some of the aspects of this digital jobs. But, precisely because these kinds of digital jobs are done at the computer, and sometimes even remotely, it can get really challenging to stay at the top of the game in terms of effective scheduling, organization and planning. Everyone needs an organizational system that works for them, regardless of what they do, but if you’re in a digital field career-wise, the following tips and tricks can help you stick to the schedule and even multitask.

Check out these organizational tricks to help you multitask

Use a calendar

One of the best and most effective ways to stay organized is to have a calendar that will show all your tasks. This is a great tip regardless of the type of digital job you have. For example, Google Calendar is easy to use and readily available, yet it can help you follow through your obligations and responsibilities with ease. Not to mention that Google Calendar allows you to share the schedules with your colleagues so that everyone can know what and when your tasks are. This provides the whole team with the possibility to organize meetings and other additional tasks that require everyone present so that no one has to worry about overlaps.

Find a way to communicate

If you work with clients a lot, and generally have to be able to get in touch with others quickly, have a solid and constant view of what is going on and need to search for terms and projects simply and effectively, one of the best tools to use is undoubtedly Slack. All your conversations and projects can be easily organized and archived for you to have a full picture whenever you want.

Time management

When it comes to time management things can get really tricky. This is where the HourStack tool can come in handy. Regardless of what your exact digital profession is, you still need to pay attention to the time and resources you use for different tasks and clients. HourStack will do that for you so that you can constantly keep track of just how much time you’re spending on specific tasks and responsibilities of your job. As it measures the time you need for every task, you’ll also get the valuable info that will help you organize your calendar even better. Not to mention that this tool has a time notification in case you exceed your usual/designated time for a certain task.

Take physical notes

Even though your job is all about the virtual world and there are so many digital tools that you can utilize, don’t underestimate the usefulness of the old-fashioned ways. For bigger projects that require some personal notes and observations, it’s good to use a4 paper – it can also help you with long-term planning and daily overviews. You can also keep interesting post-it notes next to you so that you can effectively remind yourself of all the things you have to do during the day – and this doesn’t have to be just about your job. What’s more, keeping a professional journal where you’ll write your ideas and maybe also have a calendar can be extremely useful since physical notes and writing by hand can actually help you get more productive and happier. This is definitely a great way to make a profession in the digital field feel more personal.

Schedule in advance

For those of you who have to publish posts, be it on a blog or social media, it’s extremely helpful to schedule the posts in advance. Use this feature across the platforms as it can be your best friend. For example, if you manage to finish the required number of blog posts for a client, why worry about missing the deadline to post them all, when you can just schedule them the very day you’ve finished them and stop thinking about it? That way you won’t have to overcrowd your calendar and schedule, and you’ll get that obligation off of your mind.

The above-mentioned organizational tricks are extremely easy to incorporate into any digital profession yet they can make a huge difference when it comes to the efficiency and productivity at work. Knowing exactly what you need to do, and when to do it, will allow you the freedom to multitask as well as plan your time better, both in and outside work.