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#GoldRushCrush x3

Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!! I couldn’t be more excited because 1. It’s Friday! 2. The second Friday of our new Friday series #GoldRushCrush!!!


So what is #GoldRushCrush? Welp… every other Friday we’re going to be featuring a fellow blogger(s) that we have a serious crush on!  The whole reason I started blogging was to join this amazing community and what better way to get to know and share such an awesome person and their blog!  It’s not just about follows here… it’s about making #BFs (blog friends)!  Which I love doing! #likesforlife (wink wink)


These are a few favorites of mine!  


Sarah – because she’s the baddest betch in the blog design space and loves sports as much more than I do!  All around awesome girl and even more amazing blog called Venus Trapped In Mars!! 


Helene – the girl that you just want to be friends with in like … real life.  Her blog and insta are so fun!  Not only that but she has an amazing Etsy shop called Shop Helene In Between where she has the cutes WINE NOT shirts.  Proud owner here.


Allison – last but not least my fellow Atlanta blogger over at Peachfully Chic!  Super woman DIYer and oh so creative!  

top from left to right Sarah

Allison // Helene



Do me a favor and gold rush (hah so cheesy… see what I did there) their blogs or instagrams to say hi!  I hope y’all crush on them as much as I do!

xoxo Ady + VGB Team