How to install your bitmoji on snapchat!


Have you installed your bitmoji on snapchat yet? Because it’s hilariously fun! I mean I already know you’re on snapchat because who isn’t right. Bitmoji is the best and it’s even better when your friends have it because then they can be together! You can dress them up and have…

Our Interview with snapchat King himself, Dr.Miami


Dr.Miami – “Good morning everybody my name is Michael, they call me Dr. Miami. I’m a plastic surgeon and I make people feel better about their bodies.  Watch me as I snapchat my way through Monday…” Dr.Miami – “Ta….. ta… ta… taaaa… What do we have today?” TA – “Well we have…

How to make money blogging


          Blog world seems to be a little hush hush on how bloggers make money and monetize their blogs but it’s what we’re all wondering right?  How much money are you making? Are you making money?  Is your blog profitable?  Who do you work with?  How did…

Bloggers need snapchat.


    Bloggers need snapchat. (emphasis on the period) I’m not one of those bloggers that believes in limiting social media. I agree that you should not be a part of something you’re not passionate about or particularly good at or something you see as work. For us, as an…

Social Media 101 for businesses and blogs


  To give you some background.  I’ve been in Marketing and Advertising since 10th grade.  I wrote a business plan for a charity my sophomore year in high school which generated new revenue and volunteers and ever since then I was hooked.  It’s something I’m so extremely passionate about and…