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Attn: Single Ladies // 7 Types of Questions to Ask on a Date

Hey Single friends…
Dating is well a range of emotions, fun, exciting, awful, sad, fun again, and weird. Usually all in one evening. Lol
Some times though you can find yourself stumped for questions or stalled for conversation. Be it for whatever reason maybe, he’s got food in his teeth you can’t stop starring at or he’s boring and you are thinking about how you should have just stayed home, or maybe you think he’s SOO cute and now can’t utter normal phrases like “what do you do for a living”? Whatever the case may be… VGB has come up with what we think are some great questions to get you out of any jam….
We have broken this down into categories of interest, as in what level do you want to get to know the person in front of you….
1. Humor
What movie made you laugh the hardest?
Do you think it’s funny when small children fall? 
2. Loyalty
Who are your closest friends and how long have you know them? 
If you were an animal what type of animal would you be? (obviously we are looking for a loyal animal like dog, if he says anything shady like panther or house cat slam your wine and leave.)
3. Adventurous
Where was the last place you traveled? 
An alternate approach is to ask: What was the biggest decision you’ve ever made? OR… 
Do you like spicy food? 
4. Compatibility
What gets you out of bed on the weekend? OR…
What doesn’t get your out of bed? 
How do you like to spend your Sunday’s? 
5. To Find Out If He’s Ready To Be In a Serious Relationship
What was your longest relationship?
How long have you lived in XX City; are you from here originally? 
How many times have you moved in the last 5 years? (Transient guys tend not to make the best long-term bf’s, this question and the one above will help you decipher if he is sticking around long term in the physical area or not before you waste your time.
6. To Find Out If He’s Over His Ex
When did your last relationship end? OR… 
Are you still friends with her on social media? 
7. To Find Out If He Shares Your Family Values
What was your childhood like?
How often do you call your mom?

Feel free to let us know how these questions work out for you or if you are still single after all of this… try again. #ontothenextone

XXOO, Lauren

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  • These are some great questions. Sometimes guys will be like, "tell me about yourself" or "feel free to ask me any questions" and then I'm like, uhhh I'm brain dead at the moment. Sometimes I just can't think of anything to ask or sometimes my brain is just so beyond exhausted that I just can't think straight. A big turn off/ deal breaker is when the guy isn't listening to a single thing you are saying and hasn't taken the time to actually read what is in your dating profile bio.

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