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How to Attend Tapings of Your Favorite TV Shows

How to Attend Tapings of Your Favorite Shows

I recently wrote about what it’s like to attend a taping of a show and today, I wanted to expand on that and tell you how to attend those tapings of your favorite shows.  It’s a lot of fun and is often a once in a lifetime experience.

Here are all of my tips on how to attend tapings of your favorite shows!

For talk shows and a few other shows like The Voice, go to 1iota.  This site is really great if you want to see a talk show.  You can also get tickets to award shows and screenings to movies too.

Tip: I recommend requesting tickets a few months in advance if you know you are going to NYC or LA and know what you want to see, just to increase your chances of getting to see your show.  This is how I got to see Late Night with Seth Meyers and how I have tickets next month to Jimmy Kimmel Live!  

Depending on how far in advance you request your tickets, you can get “priority” ticketing which means you can get seated first and won’t have to wait in line as long.  Perks! When requesting your ticket, you just have to write why you want to see the show and your name and how many tickets you want. They email you once you “win the ticket lottery” and then you have to put your guest’s name as well as you,  and bring your ID’s.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring your ID! One time I forgot my ID and my husband and I missed seeing James Cordon!

How to Attend Tapings of Your Favorite Shows

Another site that will get you tickets to shows such as America’s Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior, and Dancing with the Stars, On Camera Audiences. With this site, you fill out the form, and immediately have your ticket.  It is surprisingly easy. With a lot of shows you have to arrive hours early to guarantee that you will get in, but I don’t believe that is the case with this site.  But take that knowledge with a grain of salt as I’ve never actually used them before. I should note this is the site where you get tickets for The Price is Right.

If you have read the post I mentioned above where I talk about what it is like to attend a taping of a show, the following site is for you.  This is where I will refer to a taping of a tv show, not a talk show or competition show, but a scripted show.  Audiences Unlimited is where you request tickets for all the shows you watch on TV like The Big Bang Theory, Fuller House, Young and Hungry, The Ranch, Mom, and 2 Broke Girls.  With Audiences Unlimited, you choose what show you want to see and on what day, and select how many guests.  It emails you your ticket immediately but that doesn’t mean you will get in.

Tip: Get to the show an hour and a half before the show starts.  There will be a long line of people wanting to get into the show so get there early!  The earlier, the better.  It’s a drag, but if you really want to see the show, its worth it.

How to Attend Tapings of Your Favorite Shows

Hope this was helpful and gave you a new idea of a fun thing to do if you are in NYC or LA! Have you been to a taping of a tv show? What was your experience?

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