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Airbnb Tips: A Perfectionist’s Checklist for Choosing an Airbnb

Airbnb has been a really popular accommodation option for a while, but precisely because of that, it’s essential that you get a bit pickier about your rentals. If you’re looking to stay in a flat soon, we’ve got the perfect Airbnb tips! There are several different factors that you need to check. It’s not all about the size of the flat.

Of course, you’ll decide what you need size-wise, but there are also several aspects to look out for. This includes the amenities of your Airbnb but before that, you also need to make sure that the place and the host are legit.

How to rent the perfect Airbnb, a checklist for perfectionists like us!

Here are our essential Airbnb tips:


Check for pictures

One of the first things that you need to focus on is the pictures of the Airbnb. For starters, if there are none, you have your first red flag. Secondly, the place may provide you with the most gorgeous and comfortable stay, but you have to be able to see what to expect before making the decision to rent. So, one of our top Airbnb tips is to pay attention only to those listings that come with plenty of photos from various angles. If the host hasn’t bothered to take more than just a couple of photos that don’t really show much, you can immediately see that they’re not too invested into providing the best possible stay.


Look for reviews

Reviews are very important within the Airbnb community, which is precisely why there should be plenty of them for you to check out. Not only should you look for a place and a host that has received plenty of reviews, but those reviews should most definitely be stellar ones. Keep in mind that there are tons of Airbnb properties that you can rent and you should give yourself the right to weed out those that have no or less than stellar reviews.


Watch out for rental agencies and scammers

Scammers are not only those hosts that try to present their place as a mansion when it’s actually a basement. There are people on Airbnb who will try to scam you into getting your money outside Airbnb. One of our top Airbnb tips is to never fall for that as all transactions have to go through the main website. Furthermore, if you happen to see several listings for one destination that all look incredibly similar and are from just one host, you should probably ignore them as the chances are this is a rental agency.

The ultimate checklist for choosing the perfect Airbnb

Pay attention to the price

One of the main reasons why people turn to Airbnb is because it’s cheaper. However, that’s not always the case. Aside from the actual price for your stay look into any hidden costs you may end up with. For instance, if you can’t do laundry at the flat or have to use public transport every day due to the flat’s location, you may end up paying more than you would for your stay in a hotel that provides laundry and is conveniently located.


The place should be properly furnished

Just because Airbnb accommodation is affordable doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be properly furnished. You should expect all the essentials a lived-in flat should have. Basically, a comfy bed and wardrobe in the bedroom, sofa, coffee table and TV in the living room, as well as a nice and functional kitchen with all the useful appliances ready to use are must-haves, not extras! This should include an oven, a coffee machine and a fridge large enough for you to fit more in than a couple of bottles of water.


Other amenities

As mentioned, proper furnishing is a must, but you also would need more than that for a comfy stay, especially if you plan to be there for a couple of weeks or longer. In that respect, amenities such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, towels, linens, toilet paper, soap, pots, cups, cutlery and pans, charging cables, iron, hairdryer, coffee, tea, trash cans, hangers, a clock, and similar are almost all included in the stay nowadays, which is why you should definitely feel comfortable with looking for such a place. Obviously, if some of those things don’t matter to you, your search can get even easier.


Pools, parking, and pets

Airbnb is there to make your life easier and if you’re planning to rent a place for your vacation it’s fine to look for some extras. After all, it’s possible to find everything you need if you know you’ll need it. That said, some very popular extras include pet-friendly places as well as rentals that include a parking spot. Moreover, pools have been voted a top amenity worldwide when it comes to renting Airbnb.

The more you ask from your host, the more they’ll expect from you, too. After all, hosts with plenty of stellar reviews have the right to reject your offer for rental if they don’t think you’d be a good fit for them. The main reason this could happen is the lack of information on your profile. Therefore, make sure to put in everything necessary so that the other party can see that they can trust you, too.


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Have you ever stayed in an Airbnb? What are some other great Airbnb tips?


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