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How Suiteness Opens Doors To The Suite Life + a $1M Giveaway


suiteness how to stay in suites on your vacation


I headed to Vegas earlier this year and stayed in the most epic suite. We had a corner suite on the top floor of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Let me tell you, the balcony wrapped around the entire suite and the first thing I did was open the floor to ceiling sliding doors and run around the entire thing. We had a view of the Bellagio fountains, the strip, and all of Vegas! Honestly, I had to pick my jaw up off the ground because I couldn’t believe that I could actually swing this. It was like a hotel house with a huge room, huge master bathroom, guest bathroom, office, living room, kitchen, foyer and floor to ceiling windows and doors. Seriously, so much space! Champagne was delivered to our room and we sat there soaking in the moment before heading out for the night. If you want to see more just head to my Vegas Instagram highlights!

I’ve been holding onto this little gem for awhile but I’m finally going to let you in on how I was able to afford it! It’s a company called Suiteness which is basically a booking site just for suites. It’s a game changer. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I stumbled across their company and it has changed the way I travel. In fact, they’ve been nice enough to sponsor this post so I can tell y’all all about it now!

Plus, they’re hosting an epic sweepstakes right now so make sure to enter because you don’t want to miss this!

Suiteness is giving away $1 million in suites from Sept. 17-Oct. 16. Visit for the daily chance to unlock booking bucks toward your next vacation. Refer friends for more chances to win! ENTER NOW!


suiteness how to stay in suites on your vacation


  • Mission: We are a hospitality startup with the mission to increase the number of vacations people take by making them better, more affordable and easier to plan.
  • Unique offering: Suiteness offers inventory you can’t get anywhere else — rooms that connect to suites for at least half the price from what you would pay for a two-bedroom suite.
  • Free trip planning: We employ a group of always-on customer service agents who can help you select these previously undiscovered rooms as well as plan your entire trip (for free!).
  • Eliminate travel pain points: We help eliminate all the pain points that come with traveling — cost implications, planning challenges and square footage concerns.


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I’ve been keeping this little secret of mine on the low low but I guess it’s finally time to share! I found the ultimate travel hack! Perfect for a first class vacation, a family, or a group of friends! If you’re looking to stay domestic, traveling in style has never been easier. 

Suiteness makes it easy to travel together by combining the space and affordability of a vacation rental with the amenities of a hotel PLUS 24/7 free trip planning assistance. They have super unique inventory you can’t find anywhere else! For example, connecting hotel suites! Connecting hotel suites provide as much space as a vacation rental along with a comparable price. Up to 10 guests can stay together without having to book multiple hotel rooms. Enjoy more room to hang out after a long day of seeing the sights. Or, close the door between rooms when you need some privacy. Relish all the amenities of a hotel — no need to cook, clean or do laundry while on vacation. Suiteness offers first-class customer service and trip-planning assistance which I personally love! You’re able to request complimentary concierge assistance to find the best suite for your travel occasion, group size and budget, as well as help with activity planning.  Arrange for airport transport, show tickets, itinerary optimization, dinner reservations and special in-suite requests. Pay for suites over time with Affirm; financing rates starting from 0% APR if paid over 3 months. The website also offers its customers an easy way to pay as a group. Seriously, it couldn’t be any easier. 

suiteness how to stay in suites on your vacation

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Let me give you a little example on how Suiteness can address all of your travel pain points!

If you’re traveling with friends:

Problem: Your friend group forms several new cliques based on who’s sharing a room together and/or or no common living space to hang out OR You have to sleep on the floor because there’s not enough beds

Solution: Connecting suites provide all the space and beds you need; Suiteness has a drop down menu that asks, how many people are you traveling with and how many beds do you need

Ok, raise your hand if this has ever happened to you! Can you say… bachelorette parties!!! This eliminates the anxiety of those clicky trips while getting to ball out in an amazing suite and share the entire space together! Sharing individual rooms are so out. Never again!


Airbnb and Homeaway are great but there is just something about that suite life that levels up your entire vacation. I don’t know if it’s being spoiled with easy hotel living, robes, balconies with amazing views, feeling like a princess, room service, clean rooms everyday, champagne on delivery, or just living like a queen… but I’m all for the suite life! Are you? Use Suiteness for your next getaway, thank me, and then tag me because I’m going to be so jealous! It’s insane how doable Suiteness makes the suite life! Ready to go on your next vacation? Because I am! Where to next…


suiteness how to stay in suites on your vacation


Suiteness is giving away $1 million in suites from Sept. 17-Oct. 16. Visit for the daily chance to unlock booking bucks toward your next vacation. Refer friends for more chances to win!



*this post is sponsored by Suiteness. all opinions are my own.