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Day Drinking with Day Owl Rose, it’s a Hoot!

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This post is sponsored by Day Owl Rosé, all opinions are my own.  Message for 21+

June 9th is National Rosé Day! How will you be celebrating? I’m an All Day Rosé kind of girl, so I already know I’ll be calling up the girls for a day at the pool! I’m usually a night owl, but a nice crisp Rosé is the only thing that will get me up and out during the day!

Day Owl is a crisp, fruit-forward California Rosé that features notes of floral red fruit and orange zest. The primary varietal is Barbera, an Italian grape that’s best enjoyed young (meaning right now) and brings bright, citrusy flavors that are perfect for summer and whatever the day throws at it.

The perfect day calls for the perfect Rosé! I keep a good bottle of Day Owl with me at all times because you never know when you need a glass of Rosé, and believe it or not, the time occurs more than you’d think.

This past week I went to my mother in law’s house for lunch and we opened up a bottle of Day Owl. I blinked and the entire bottle was gone. Turns out, the Rosé was a big hit. Even with the men! Over the weekend I went to my friend Lindsay’s to check out her new home, and I brought a bottle of Day Owl. We cracked it open for dinner, caught up, and just hung out at her new home. Needless to say, I’m going to need more Rosé!

As a full time travel blogger, I have a lot of tips! One of those tips is to grab a bottle of Day Owl for your hotel room! Sometimes it’s hard to find your favorite bottle of Rosé on the road. Plus, room service or ordering wine out can be quite expensive, but if you grab a bottle of Day Owl and keep it in the hotel mini fridge or on ice, you’ll always have a glass of rosé ready to enjoy while you’re getting ready!

This past weekend I went to Cabo with my Day Owl Rosé of course and the squad loved it! We had a nice little brunch vibe going with room service and then we all headed down to the infinity pool to split the bottle! That’s the good thing about bringing it with you on trips is that after you drink it, you have all this extra room in your suitcase! It frees up space for those souvenirs you’re going to bring home!


I’m so ready for June 9th and can’t wait to celebrate National Rosé Day with Day Owl by the pool! Relaxation and girl time at its finest!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Day Owl Rosé.  Message for 21+