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7 Hidden Restaurants in PA

If you think you’re familiar with all of the best restaurants in town, think again. While your go-to pizzeria may make the best Sicilian pizza around, that doesn’t mean that hidden sandwich around the corner doesn’t know how to toss up a delicious slice of pepperoni delight, too.

If you’re in the Central Pennsylvania area and searching for a delicious bite to eat that strays from your typical entrees or meal, try hitting up your city’s hidden gems instead. Not sure where to look for your next delicious bite? Try stopping in at one of the tasty restaurants in PA — and you may just find your next favorite place to indulge in a tasty meal, too.

7 Hidden Restaurants in Pennsylvania

1.Vrai (Lemoyne, PA)

The Vrai restaurant sits in the midst of a hidden gem of a town known as Lemoyne — situated in the heart of PA. If you’re not too familiar with this borough, a quick stop at the local flea markets and marketplaces will leave you wondering what you haven’t planned a trip to this small town before.

Vrai, which is French for true, upholds the mantra of its name by offering fresh food with no processing or added preservatives involved. The modernistic interior coupled with the French ambiance and warmth stands as a bold display in this quaint little town.

2. Miso Sushi (Harrisburg, PA)

Not in the mood for the typical pizza and burgers? Opt for an exotic bite of mouth-water Japanese dishes at Miso Sushi instead!

While the building doesn’t stand out on the highway along Route 22, the specialty rolls, sushi, and appetizing sashimi certainty do. If you’re a fan of sushi, you’ll love the wide selection available at Miso Sushi. Afterwards, take a stop at Harrisburg’s top attractions — including Hersheypark for a quick bite of chocolate and desserts to fulfill your evening meal!

3. Mellow Minded Café (Harrisburg, PA)

Not only will you enjoy a healthy and tasty menu, but the setting of this beautiful restaurant will help put your mind at ease, too.

PennLive — Pennsylvania’s source for breaking news — designated Mellow Minded Café a peaceful, artsy, and inspiration café that offers a stunning aesthetic display that adds to the ambiance of healthy living. From mango smoothies to delicious green salads and soups, the whole family is likely to find just the right fit for their palette while enjoying a feel-good meal, too.

4. Stella A’s (Lock Haven, PA)

Whether you’re in the mood for deep fried ravioli or prefer a traditional-cooked filet mignon instead, there’s always a tasty bite of American or Mediterranean dishes waiting for you to devour at Stella A’s in Lock Haven, PA.

Not only do they serve delicious meals, but they help their local community by giving back, too. Stella A’s recently won the annual Salvation Army’s Soup Off with their delicious Chicken Bacon Chowder soup while raising money for a positive cause. Stop by and find out what makes their soups and traditional dishes so unique for yourself by scheduling your reservations today.

5. Maison (Lancaster, PA)

Food Network’s Alton Brown designated Maison as one of the top two restaurants — anywhere in the world — for 2016. If that wasn’t reason enough to stop by and see why one of the country’s top chef’s go-to choices can be found in Maison, the menu might just beacon you in instead.

From glazed duck to roasted winter squash, there’s an exquisite meal that fits perfectly with every palette. Not a fan of meat? No problem! Just order any of your dishes vegetarian-style instead. Afterwards, browse the Lancaster area and take a stop in the famous Lancaster Central Market for a quite dessert, too.

6. Jackson House (Harrisburg, PA)

You don’t have to leave PA to get a taste of New York City — just visit Jackson House in Harrisburg, PA instead.

Jackson House owner Dave Kegris started his love for food out in New York City and later brought his flavorful dishes to Harrisburg — where the restaurant currently operates today. Jackson House won Pennlive Burger’s Battle in 2013, so you’ll enjoy chowing down on an award-winning meal in a relaxing setting.

Known for their juicy burgers and crispy fries, you’re guaranteed a delicious bite of wholesale American food whenever you stop by.

7. Amish Door Restaurant (Wilmot, PA)

If you’re seeking a warm and cozy environment that feels just like home, Amish Door Restaurant will be your breakfast, lunch, and dinner go-to choice. Enjoy authentic Amish dishes that helped this restaurant achieve one of USA Today’s best meal choices in the country.

Unlike fast-food restaurants that rely on frozen or pre-packaged meals, every entrée is made with a home-cooked flavor by the Amish chefs who run the kitchen. Be sure to take a drive in the Amish County after your delicious meal to get a pure breath of fresh country air.

Sometimes, the best things are life are secret — but they don’t have to be anymore. Skip your regular restaurants by taking a seat in one of these restaurants in PA instead.