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Hotel Hopping NYC

We went to NYC and only took photos with our iPhones. As you know, we love New York. Well, I (Schellie) do. The public transportation, the people, the different neighborhoods, the loud hustle and bustle, even the trash piled up on the streets and the sirens at night time have something about them that fills my soul or whatever it is with happiness and excitement. William, he likes it – he just needs to invest in a pair of ear plugs for sleeping. 😉

We were in NYC for Blogcademy and were searching for somewhere to stay last minute (at 2 in the morning because our AirBnB booking was a total disaster and fell through) and found this incredible app that quite possibly transformed our traveling lives for the rest of time.

Imagine not having to plan accommodations beforehand, imagine an available room right in the middle of Times Square for less than half of the hotels normal price, imagine a rooftop with a city and river view, all for a low price you can justify. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Someone else had the same dream and turned it into an App called Hotel Tonight. And no, they’re not paying us for this post. We just want you to know about and maybe even experience the glories of hotel hopping.

We all know hotels aren’t booking every single room out every night, so why do their prices stay so jacked up for the good places? Couldn’t they lower the price just slightly and make money they otherwise wouldn’t? Basic business, right? Obvs not. At least not without this app. Hotel Tonight looks at all the rooms available around you or in any neighborhood you search for and gives you reduced prices for booking last minute – a killer deal. This app makes finding places to stay while traveling easy and cheaper, which means you can have more monies for the other fun stuff on the go. Cha Ching.

So, we are here to share our Hotel Hopping experience with you guys. We booked, daily, hotel rooms that are normally $200 – $600 a night (for the time of year) for much much cheaper.

Example: We booked Hotel Edison with Hotel Tonight for $137. I went to the lobby the next morning before checking out to ask if they could match that price if I booked through them; they said no, that their rate for that night would be $257. No thanks. And that is when the obsession began.

We hotel hopped through NYC for the full week, choosing our hotels every night according to proximity to what we wanted to do the next day.

Below are the places we booked through Hotel Tonight:


Hotel Edison

September 18-19

We paid $137/night

We took the liberty of going to their website to price these exact same dates for this year, and found prices of $429 – $569 a night. Click here. (then click ‘check availibility’ to see exact prices)

We’re not going to look up the prices for the rest of the hotels below – we think this one proves enough. 😉

We stayed here because it’s right in the center of Times Square. Like, you walk out of the front entrance and the smell of street food immediately hits you in the face because there’s a Gyro stand LIKE RIGHT THERE.

The Manhattan at Times Square

September 19-20

We paid $165/night

We stayed here for its location and mainly chilled.


TRYP NY Times Square

September 20-21

We paid $129/night

We stayed here because of it’s prime location. We went to a strip club just a street over, walked around a bit and paid different people around Times Square to let us pretend to be them, and ate organic Sushi and a Bento Box from a place across the street for breakfast.

Cosmopolitan Hotel Tribeca

September 21-22

We paid $209/night

We chose this hotel because of it’s proximity to the World Trade Center and went up to the observation deck, One World Observatory. We also walked down to this place that serves RAMEN NOODLE BURGERS, Ramen Burger. I bet you’ve never had one of these bad babies.



September 22-23

We paid $149/night

We chose this one for it’s proximity to Central Park.

We ate at their adorable cafeteria in the hotel, explored the hotel’s sun space, spent the day biking through Central Park, ate at the local Whole Foods in Columbus Circle, then sipped on cocktails on the hotel rooftop. We also explored Hell’s Kitchen. We walked up and down 8th Avenue and tried everything that said $1. It was amazing.


New Yorker Hotel

September 23-24

We paid $179/night

We stayed here because of it’s closeness to B & H Photo Video, which ended up being closed anyways. So, we traveled down to Ripley’s Believe it Or Not! Museum and spent the afternoon here then grabbed a couple of drinks for dinner.

That’s all we’ve got as far as Hotel Hopping goes. Enjoy more photos below!!

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Until next time NYC!