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6 Factors to Help You Decide Between False Eyelashes or Lash Extensions

Since both false eyelashes and lash extensions have the same purpose – to provide you with long and glamorous eyelashes, many people misbelieve that they’re interchangeable. But, the truth is that they differ drastically! In order to help you choose wisely between false eyelashes or lash extensions, we considered all the factors and gathered the information on pros and cons of both.

6 Factors to Help You Decide Between False Eyelashes or Lash Extensions

1. Application

False lashes are nothing more or less than synthetic hair joined into one single strip. In order to put them on, you only need to apply false eyelashes glue and put them right above your own lash line. Once you learn how to do it properly, its application will require only 1 to 10 minutes of your morning routine. On the other hand, the application of eyelash extensions has to be done by trained professionals at beauty salons. It implies placing one by one extension onto your own eyelash. Although this treatment lasts about an hour or two, you won’t have to deal with your eyelashes every morning because they’ll already look fabulous.

2. Price and longevity

Although false eyelashes are far more affordable than eyelash extensions, they may not pay off in the long run. Depending on their quality, some of them can be reapplied, but even they eventually fall to pieces after a week. However, since sleeping with falses is highly disapproved due to eye infections, you must change them on daily basis. On the contrary, lash extensions can last up to 4 or 6 weeks. With proper maintenance and paying a visit to the salon for regular refilling every 2 or 3 weeks, some lash types can make your lashes look fluffy and voluminous all year round.

3. Look

Since lash extensions are applied to each lash individually and made from qualitative materials including silk and mink hair, they don’t disrupt the natural look of your eyes. They simply blend into your own eyelashes. In comparison to natural looking lash extensions, false lashes tend to look stiff and fake and it’s easy to tell if someone wears them. And that’s because they’re made from synthetic materials of low quality and attached to one single strip.

4.  Maintenance

If you want to have fluttering lashes as long as possible, you must take care of your extensions properly. It includes avoiding cleansing and oil-containing products, cotton pads, and standard eye makeup. Instead, you need to use lash-friendly mascara and other products that won’t cause any damage to your extensions. As already mentioned, you have to pay a visit to professional every couple of weeks for refilling in case you want to keep your lashes voluminous. Also, you must keep your eyelashes dry for two days after getting lash extensions. Therefore, avoid sweating activities and wash your face carefully during this period. Contrarily, false eyelashes don’t demand any special maintenance except for being kept in a dry specified container if you plan on using them again.

5.  Weight

Depending on their type, the weight of both false lashes and lash extensions can vary. However, lash extensions seem to be lighter. They’re designed to look and feel as normal as possible which makes them similar to natural hair and you won’t even remember you’re wearing them. Unlike lash extensions, falses’ artificial fibers aren’t light enough for your eyelids, which might constantly irritate you and thus make your eyes move less naturally.

6. Durability

In case you have had a chance to enhance the eyelash volume with both comparing options, you had to notice that lash extensions are far more durable. Chances that they’re going to fall of your eyelids are very small because they tend to shed as much as your own lashes. But, false eyelashes seem to fall of very often. It’s because they’re all glued to one single strip which falls off easily when adhesive loses at one point.

Although both false eyelashes and lash extensions have the same goal – to grant you bold and luscious lashes, they seem to be different in many ways. But, since you have learned how and why, you’ll be able to choose wisely from now on.

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