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What is a PRP Facelift? My Experience Getting PRP Injections In Atlanta

Wondering if PRP works? If you're considering getting a PRP face lift, PRP hair therapy, or PRP injection under eyes, here is everything you need to know about PRP before and afters from my first hand experience getting PRP in Atlanta!

The past year has been extremely stressful for all of us. I wrote a post a while back about my recurring skincare issues (dehydration, acne marks, and melasma on my forehead due to hormones). The fact that I’m now in my 30’s and I’m now dealing with aging skin, texture issues, and those little fine lines that I can’t stand. Add a freakin stressful pandemic to the mix and I knew it was time to head to a professional. Stress is terrible for your skin and body, you guys!

It’s so important who you choose for your skincare needs – it’s your face and body we’re talking about here so it’s essential to make sure you’re going to someone who actually knows what they’re doing! If you’ve been following the beauty section on the blog, you probably already know I always head to Bella MedSpa when I really need a change and for my monthly maintenance.

I frequent Bella Med Spa and have done so for many, many years. I’ve tried other med spas in Atlanta (I’m a lifestyle blogger so it’s kind of my job to visit and review places, ya know?), but I always end up heading back to Bella because I KNOW my skin is in good hands there.

Seriously – anyone can learn to do a facial but for the deep down and dirty, skin cell turnover, extreme change, clean out those clogged pores, fix those pick marks laser work… I only trust Alethea (the owner of Bella Med Spa). She is the ONLY person I’ve found that does a layered laser approach. One that’s so good she actually teaches it to others. She takes care of my skin when other spas and cosmetic dermatology practices have literally sent me home with skincare products and said to come back in 6 weeks.

How I got my glow back with PRP!

On my last visit, one of the treatments I got done was Bella’s newest PRP (Liquid Gold) which stands for platelet-rich plasma. Seriously, guys – it works like magic and can improve SO many issues, it’s my new anti-aging BFF! The process is actually a lot more complicated than it sounds and should be done by a professional only (Renee Dries at Bella Med Spa did it on me and my husband, She’s the TOP #1 injector in Georgia and Top 10 in the entire country, so I knew I was in great hands!). She also treats celebs, VIPs,  is super knowledgeable, and all-around great human. We really hit it off so I felt super comfortable in her hands.

PRP results are amazing. Almost like a surgical facelift except without needing surgery at all! I love this new technology for how easy it is to receive the treatment and recover and the benefits continue working in the tissue for 2 to 5 years post-procedure! That is pretty unheard of for any injectable on the market!

What is PRP?

Plateletrich plasma (PRP) are your own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. PRP injections use your own healing system to fix so many things! Athletes like Tiger Woods use them to heal sports injuries. Men and women can use them to restore hair loss! (you should see the before and afters). Plus you can also use them in beauty, like me, as the fountain of youth!

PRP stimulates your body’s own reparative capabilities by gently injecting PRP into the face. It’s similar to face fillers (except it’s not a foreign substance, it’s from your own body) and lifts and firms up the skin while also building collagen (which Renee told me stops being produced naturally by our bodies after thirty *sobs*).

Prp syringes at bella spa

This is UNHEARD of! Everyone else offers 1 syringe of PRP. Here at Bella Medspa with Renee we got 7-8. It’s insane. The value of that is thousands of dollars and the benefit is huge because you’ll see that much more improvement with your skin or hair.

PRP Facelift, Process, and Benefits

The PRP facelift is nothing like the famous Vampire Facial™. They draw your blood, spin it in a cool machine, and then come back with liquid gold. It’s your body’s own miracle. Your face is numbed and then the PRP liquid gold is injected into your face. This is a great alternative to fillers. There are several methods to this but I chose the mack daddy most effective way. Straight injections all over my face.

PRP is like the fountain of youth. It’s a powerful anti-aging facial that helps with:

-collagen + elastin production

As soon as your skin is penetrated, existing collagen starts to heal the skin. At the same time, your body starts to grow new, stronger, healthier collagen. This higher quality collagen takes a couple weeks to grow. However, you will notice immediate skin tightening. You’ll just notice that the results of your treatment continue to improve for several weeks after treatment.

-reducing fine lines and wrinkles

-skin tightening and firmness

-improving skin texture

PRP will help with acne scars, texture issues, hyperpigmentation and more!

-improving moisture retention

-stimulating skin cell turnover

-minimizing pores

-skin rejuvenation

-hair loss

-lengthening the lifespan of other medical aesthetic treatments like face fillers

There is really no downtime from this facial. I did bruise a little but we’re all mostly staying home so it wasn’t a big deal.

Does PRP actually work?

YES – It works! PRP is much better and it definitely does NOT look like it did on that Kardashian video! In fact, it’s been used in the medical industry for years now! It’s even used by veterinarians.

Alethea owns a farm and is an equestrian. One time, one of her sport horses was injured and needed PRP injections in her front right hood. This process required blood to be drawn from a major vessel in her neck. Then using a centrifuge and special tubes, her platelet-rich plasma PRP was separated out from the blood and then that wonderful liquid gold, the body’s amazing healing mechanism, was injected into her injured hoof. I loved that it wasn’t a chemical, it was totally natural and her horse healed so quickly!

SO yes! Rest assured it WORKS and has been backed up many, many times by doctors! At Bella, they just use it for beauty purposes!

Where to go to get PRP done in Atlanta?

I will always recommend Bella Med Spa in Atlanta! It’s where I go! Not only is it the BEST clinic in Atlanta and is always acquiring the latest technology for skin care needs before anyone else in Georgia does – including PRP!

Plus I love that Bella Med Spa is privately owned, by Alethea, so I know she stands behind what she does. What’s best? She takes a customized approach to skincare – because no two people face the same issues! What might work for me might not solve your issues, so she really makes sure to go all-in in order to create the perfect treatment for YOU. I just love it! She’s literally the only person in the world I trust with my skin these days.

P.S. I’ve been visiting Bella’s first location in Buckhead for several years now but they recently opened a second location in Alpharetta and it’s gorgeous. Alethea now spends time pampering and treating clients in BOTH places, so choose whichever location is closest to you.

PRP for Men

One thing I want to touch on quickly is that PRP is not just for women, men can get it done too! And not just for sports or body injuries either. You can use PRP for hair growth! It’s amazing. Like magic. My husband is experiencing hair thinning in the back of his head and in his widow’s peaks.

Hair loss can be an insecurity for men so I decided to treat him to a PRP treatment at Bella Medspa. He was so excited. We only did one treatment with Renee but he’s already seeing new hair growth. I want to wait the full 8 weeks as suggested for the best results and then I’ll pop a before and after photo in here.

The Bella Difference

I want to reiterate that if you go somewhere else you’ll normally just get 1 syringe of liquid gold PRP but at Bella Medspa with Renee you get much, much more. We both got 7-8 syringes. So crazy. That’s thousands of dollars in PRP and the benefits are huge. It’d be like getting the same treatment done 7 times in 1 visit.

I would scream this at people if I could because it’s such a big deal. I’ve gone to other places where you only get 1 syringe and the value at Bella is insane. I would hands down recommend Bella Medspa to anyone thinking about PRP for hair growth or wanting to turn back the clock.

You can also mix the PRP with fillers and get an all-over facial. Renee and Alethea have so many tricks up their sleeves. There is something for everyone.

Definitely check them out for all your skincare needs.

Head to Bella Medspa in Atlanta or Alpharetta to get this amazing treatment. Make sure to tell them that Ady from Verbal Gold Blog sent you.

*Photos by Morgan Hays Photography 

*This article was sponsored by Bella Medspa however all opinions are my own. 

Wondering what PRP is and if it actually works? I recently got a PRP face lift and my husband got PRP hair therapy and on this post, we share everything you need to know about PRP or liquid gold, as we call it!