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A Beginner’s Guide to Brazilian Waxing


Bikini Season; the start of hot summer days spent on the beach, or by a lake, or even just hanging out in the park. Unfortunately, especially for me, this means -wait for it- shaving season. After battling the razor one too many times I decided alongside verbal gold blogger Samantha Oswald, to try out the much dreaded Brazilian Wax for my first time.

After doing some heavy research and reading numerous reviews, we decided the only place that we wanted to try was ‘Viva Brazil’ which currently has two locations in the San Diego region. One of the main reasons we chose this location was because they use their own depilatory hard wax products (As opposed to the cloth and soft wax way!) and the way the sanitation policy was displayed clearly on the website (hygiene first, always ladies and gents). On arrival we discovered that Viva Brazil also specializes in male body waxing which was really interesting, as I didn’t know that many men would be ready to jump up onto the waxing table.
A lovely lady greeted us on front desk called Jenee who made us feel relaxed and ready for the table. After looking at the menu I settled for a brow wax and a Brazilian, and Samantha who is definitely more groomed than me decided she would have a brow wax too. We were then introduced to Margarita (who alongside boyfriend Martin, owns and runs the place) who would be performing our waxes. She immediately put us at ease by laughing and smiling and got us ready for our sessions. I was up first and I nervously followed her into the waxing room.
Margarita was excellent and she started me off with the Brazilian portion of the wax. Obviously being one of my first ever waxes I was curious as to what was happening and she kept me fully informed of what she was doing as she did it.  She also kept talking to me, and when I asked about her waxing experiences she was quick to tell me she had learnt most of her customer service techniques from bad experiences she had herself! By keeping my mind busy (rather than thinking about the fact that I was being waxed) I was able to relax my body more and thus the waxing was less painful! Amazing! For a Brazilian I was super surprised at how little the pain was (and believe me I’m a big softie when it comes to pain) and how it went away pretty quickly. When she finished up I was genuinely surprised and happy that it was done so quickly. She then moved onto my eyebrows which were also really quick and easy and she even managed to deal with my wonky eyebrow problem and straighten them up.

All in all my experience with Viva Brazil was great- and I really feel much more comfortable getting another Brazilian Wax sometime soon in the future!!








* Sponsored by Viva Brazil // all opinions are my own