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festival season survival kit

The Ultimate Festival Season Survival Kit

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Festival season is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited!!! Across the country and especially in Atlanta everyone is gearing up for warm weather and all the festivals! Anyone who has ever been to a festival knows its a marathon, not a sprint. There are definitely essentials you need to ensure the best experience, so we rounded them all up for you!

Here is our ultimate festival season survival kit!

festival season survival kit

Cute & Comfy Attire

One of the most important items to ensure you have a great time is picking the best outfit! Ultimately you want something that fits your lifestyle and that you feel cute and have fun in! All day wear is definitely an essential and this tank from PJ Salvage I could rock 24/7, it’s so comfy! They have a range of cute styles in everything from bralettes/camis, to sleep and loungewear. I’ve seriously been living in these sweatpants. They are comfy but still look cute and are lightweight which makes them perfect for a day outdoors!

Check out all of their cute comfy collections here!

PJ Salvage

Hair & Body Care

Just because you’re going to be outside all day (or for multiple days) doesnt mean you should sacrifice looking and smelling great! If you are camping and going to a multiple day festival, you definitely need products to freshen up. I have really dry hair so I love using coconut oil to help make it soft and shiny. The sun and heat can be really damaging to your hair, so bring along some ultra moisturizing products like Renpure’s unrefined organic coconut oil, coconut water hydrating shampoo and hydrating conditioner. You can snag some before the festival here!

Stay Smooth

Here’s a scenario: what if a cute guy offers to lift you up on his shoulders so you can see, but its day 2 of not shaving and you have to give him a hard pass because you can’t risk him feeling your cactus legs. You can avoid this awkward scenario by packing some emergency waxing strips or using them before the festival! Nad’s ultra smoothing exfoliating was strips offer professional quality for at home or on the go waxing and are ideal for sensitive skin. Don’t risk ruining a chance with a cute new guy and grab yours before you go here!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water and staying hydrated is one of the most important things to remember when attending anything outdoor in the heat all day! I try to drink lots of water, but sometimes you just want something a little extra and I love LaCroix for that! It’s the perfect alternative to sugary drinks and sodas. I mean sparkling water with fresh kiwi and watermelon with no calories, sweeteners or sodium? That’s the way to my heart! Check out all the flavors and find a retailer here!

Hydrate everything, even your eyes!

Speaking of spending several hours or days outside, especially in Georgia, you are bound to run into pollen! Nothing ruins a fun time faster than when seasonal irritants make an appearance and my eyes get itchy and watery. Don’t wait until you have watery, red eyes in all of your pics to remember to grab some eye drops! Nothing relieves red eyes faster than Clear Eyes Pure Relief preservative free eye drops. The bottle is small so won’t take up too much space, but you and your friends will definitely be glad you remembered them! You can download a $3 coupon and get yours here!

Bring Snacks

One thing that can change your mood really fast is being hangry. Lines are notoriously long at festivals, so save yourself some stress and pack some snacks! I love a mix of sour and sweet and these Sour Punch candies are the perfect combo. Add in a little heat with the Pineapple Mango Chili and I’m in snack heaven. Grab enough to share and you’ll have friends and strangers thanking you! If you want to curb your sweet tooth and browse more candy (because who doesn’t?) check out more here! 


Check out a list of any upcoming festivals in your area, grab your friends, your survival kit and have the best time! What are some of your festival must haves? Let us know!