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5 Unique Date Ideas in Atlanta

This post is sponsored by Horizon Theatre; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

date night ideas in atlanta

One of the best things about living in a big lively city is that there is always plenty of fun date options…and people to do them with! I love dating in Atlanta. It never gets boring, with so many things to do! Dinner and movie can get boring sometimes, so try to branch out and try some of our fun and unique date ideas for your next date night.  If you are looking for something new and fun for you and your hunny to do, we got you covered!

5 Unique Date Ideas in Atlanta

spring atlanta festivals date ideas


Take a walking tour

One of the reasons I love living in Atlanta is because there is never a lack of new things to see and do. Lately when I’ve been walking or driving around, I can’t help but notice all the cool wall murals and local art that have been popping up. If you and your boo are into cool local art or just want to explore, you should definitely take a stroll down the belt line on a nice day. Around Krog Street, Inman Park, and Little 5 Points there are tons of great wall murals. You could definitely make a bar crawl or fun adventure out of trying to see as many as you can in one day. If you need some inspiration check out our ultimate guide of the best wall murals in Atlanta! 

atlanta wall murals blogger graffiti


Make something together

We are really lucky to live in Atlanta where fun new things are always popping up for our pleasure. Ponce City Market is not only a restaurant and shopping destination, it also hosts several different stores that provide classes to patrons. There is everything from candle making at Candlefish, to pasta making at Bellina, and learning how to craft the perfect cocktail at 18.12 Bitters! Stroll around, grab something to eat and then enjoy creating something fun and new with each other.

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Go to a festival

Spring is in the air and so are the festivals! Basically this post is just a list of reasons I love Atlanta, but pair these ideas up with your significant other and it makes them even better! In the Spring and Summer almost every weekend there is some kind of event or festival in Atlanta. There is literally something for everyone (Taco Festival, Food Truck, Jazz) and often a feature mix of music, food and local art. What could make that even more fun? Sharing it with your boo of course! For the most extensive list that will have you completely plugged in to what’s going on in Atlanta, check out this Thrillist article Everything you absolutely must do in Atlanta this Spring and thank us later! 

spring atlanta festivals date ideas


Get physical

Once again, I’m going to take this opportunity to gush about how lucky we are to live in a city that has such an active fitness scene. Regardless if you have been together for a while or only a few dates, trying something new together or sharing something you love is always fun. If you’ve both always wanted to try something like aerial yoga or kickboxing, why not do it together? Maybe you find something new you both enjoy doing, or at least you have something to laugh about together after. If classes aren’t your thing and you both are more outdoor people, Atlanta has tons of hiking trails to choose from. You can even try the Peachtree Road Race or even train for a marathon together.


Laugh it out

Atlanta is full of comedy clubs and theaters that are constantly bringing in great talent and awesome shows. Why not branch out and see a play or musical at one of the many local theaters we have to offer? Now through April 30th, Horizon Theatre is putting on a production of the off-Broadway musical “Nobody Loves You.” Whether you’re a fan of “The Bachelor” or a fan of making fun of it, you’ll definitely be entertained by this musical spin on reality TV and modern dating.

Since 1983, Horizon has produced over 130 professional contemporary plays and reaches over 45,000 patrons every year with an adventurous mix of nationally and internationally acclaimed plays and Atlanta stories. The theatre is located between Inman Park and the eclectic Little Five Points. There are lots of great places nearby to grab a bite and drink before or after the show. For more info and to grab your tickets before it’s too late check out Horizon’s site here!


Dating in Atlanta is definitely never dull with so many fun and amazing options to try out! Try something new and let me know some of your favorite dates to go on with your special someone in the comments below.