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12 Affordable Date Night Ideas That You’ve Probably Never Tried Before

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At some point in your relationship, the dinner-and-a-movie routine can become a little dry, and you may want to shake things up. When you’re on a budget though, it can feel like there are no fun yet affordable date options left.

Don’t worry — there are still date night ideas out there that we’re betting you’ve probably never tried.

Try the following 12 dates for a fun and unique evening of romance with your partner.

1. Eat Dessert for Dinner

Rather than getting a typical meal, you and your significant other can order dessert for dinner. This sweet spin on date night is easy on your wallet but packed with possibilities. You could hit an ice cream parlor or split a piece of decadent cheesecake.

2. Take on a DIY Project

For the crafty couple or the DIY novices, a date night dedicated to a hands-on project can get you out of your comfort zone — in a positive way. A DIY project is the perfect way to see your sweetheart’s creative side and get artsy yourself. Even if it’s a small trinket, making something together will give you a sentimental object to treasure.

3. Go on a Quest for Photobooths

Smartphone selfies are convenient, but hunting down nearby photobooths is far more unique. Discover as many photobooths as you can around your city and pose for pictures in each of them. After a night of laughter and adventure, you’ll have several strips of pictures to take home as keepsakes.

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Ady and Mike on a wall crawl hunt in Atlanta

4. Do a Scavenger Hunt of Your Relationship

If you’ve been together for a while, why not look back at where you started as a couple? Write up a list of the “firsts” in your relationship. Then, use it as a scavenger hunt guide. Stop by where you met, the place you had your first date, the spot you first kissed and where you decided to make it official.

5. Set up a Train Picnic

It’s not your typical transportation these days, but a train can act as a distinctive backdrop for a picnic. You can hop on one to a specific destination or leave it up to chance. As you travel, you can snack and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Check out an Escape Room

In your relationship, you’ve probably worked through issues and become stronger through the process. The same goes for the challenge of an escape room where you can hone your teamwork skills while you race against the clock. The adrenaline boost of solving the puzzle can connect you to your partner in a special way.

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Ady and her husband Michael with their pups!

7. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Give your time back to your community by volunteering. Supporting an animal shelter and spending time with your significant other can happen simultaneously. Walk dogs together or cuddle kittens for an unconventional but memorable activity.

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8. Pick out Thrifty Outfits for Each Other

For an affordable shopping excursion, drop by a thrift store. You and your partner can select outfits for each other to test your knowledge and tastes. How well do you know your sweetheart’s style? Ady picked out the most hilarious outfits for her husband Michael like white tennis shoes and a jeans jacket. She had so much fun exploring the thrift store on date night!

9. Sign up for Open Mic Night

Going beyond karaoke, daring couples can show off their talent on a coffee shop stage. If you and your partner can carry a tune or entertain a crowd, mark this experience off your bucket list as a couple. Signing up for open mic night can make you closer than ever.

10. Visit the Drive-In Theater

Participate in an old school classic by heading to the drive-in theater. This movie-going setting is budget-friendly and original. You can stow all the supplies you need to set up the right atmosphere.

11. Try Personality Tests Together

Although you may know your Myers-Briggs type or your Enneagram number, you might not know your partner’s. Scour the internet for online personality tests or compatibility quizzes to spark interesting conversations about the way you think and behave. You can come away with a deeper understanding of each other.

12. Break a World Record

Crack open the Guinness Book of World Records and pick a record to break together. There are plenty of silly and simple records out there that can amuse you and your partner.

Shake up Date Night

As a couple, you still have new activities and experiences that you can try together. There’s always a chance to grow in your relationship, and a fun activity can put you on the path to a stronger connection. Surprise your partner with these affordable date night plans that are a little out of the norm.


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