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30 Thoughts Women Have While Online Dating

Dating. It’s hard right.  It’s also fun and exciting but frustrating at the same time.  What do I talk about? What do I wear? Does this look ok? Blah blah blah… If you didn’t read our 7 Types of Questions to Ask on a First Date or these conversation starters  check those out but more importantly, you know what goes through our head when dating…..




Where did this one come from?, Tinder, Bumble, Hinge (I’ll just do a little digging before our date…)

Wait what’s his name?

Why did I say yes to this?

Why am I going?   I’d rather be at home with my dog, netflix and a pizza.


Welp here goes nothing. Ok who is it?  What did he look like?(checks profile)  I hope he looks like his picture.  Is that him? Should I go say hi and ask or sit here?  (text date and sits down)


Is he going to order wine?

Yes ok whew good!  Well that went down fast.  I’ll have another.

How many glasses of wine is too many?  I should have pre gamed harder for this.  Wait its a date.  Act cool.

Why am I sweating?

Should I order the salad? (read: thinking about pizza)

Why am I cold now?

He’s staring at me.  Do I have something in my teeth or do I have blood mouth? (read: wine stains)

He’s not asking me any questions.  Am I going to have to carry this entire conversation?  Why can’t we just play never have I ever?

Tweet: “Instead of 20 questions why can’t we just play never have I ever – @VerbalGoldBlog on dating “

Oh he touched my knee.  He must like me.

(Phone buzzes) Hummm is it rude to check that?  Should I go to the bathroom to check my phone?

Ok check is coming.  Ooo the waiter is cute. Should I do the reach?  No he asked me.  He’s going to pay.  Just say thank you.


Alright.  Time to leave. Time for jammies and popcorn and Law and Order SVU and wine! Oh yay.

Awe he opened my door. Such a gentleman.  Is he going to kiss me?  Should I kiss him on the first date?


Just remember ladies that your someone does exist and you can have it all!