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4 Small House Tips For Expanding Your Space

Are you tired of stumbling over things all around your home and not having enough space to store them and get them out of the way? Well, that probably means that your home is getting a bit too small for all of your belongings. So what to do if moving out is not an option? Well, we are here to show you some tips on how to expand your space and create extra storage for all of your possessions.

Living in a small place might seem cozy at first, but things can get easily out of hand, and before you know it, you might end up with an overcrowded home. In a space overflowing with various items, sometimes the walls can feel like they are closing in. To avoid making your home even smaller than it actually is, try finding a replacement for everyday things, get rid of the unnecessary and start thinking minimalistic.

Living with a lot less

First things first, minimize the amount of everything! Living in a small house means living clutter-free. As soon as you get rid of all the excessive belongings you will open the space and create a good energy flow. If you don’t know what to do with all the excessive possessions then invest in storage facilities to save it for future, so that you have the option for reusing some of the pieces when you change your mind. Affordable storage price in Newcastle area is a proof that more people opt for this type of service when it comes to safely storing their belongings. It will save your money since you can replace the worn out sofas and chairs with the ones stored. Opt for fewer pieces for your home but choose ones bigger in size to create a spacious appearance of your rooms. Living with less also refers to decorative accessories; try not to overfill your shelves with unnecessary items that are only collecting dust.

In fact, whenever you decide to move out, whether that be soon or years down the road, clearing out the clutter will really help when it comes to selling a house that needs work or major upgrades.

Space saving furniture

Use folding tables and chairs to create extra space when they are not in use. Everything that is foldable is great for small spaces since it can make your cramped kitchen or dining area spacious. The chairs, for example, can even be hung on the wall above the dining table or next to it if the table folds onto the wall. That way you will have a functional kitchen/dining room area that is practical and looks good at the same time. Also, a great way to store items is purchasing ottomans that will keep them hidden.


Create extra storage using the empty space under the stairs or under the bed. There are many great DIY projects for updating your staircase and using the most of the space. Opt for drawers, shelves, cabinets or whatever you prefer since space can be customized any way you want. With making the most out of the space under the stairs you can get rid of big bulky closets, show your walls and create more comfortable space. Investing in plastic under bed storage is a great solution if you don’t have a staircase. That way you will create more space for storing items you don’t use constantly. Installing garage shelving system is also a great option if you have a spacious garage.

Cozy minimalism

A lot can be done with just a few decorative accents and the decoration of the interior in general. Avoid painting walls in dark colors; opt for light color palette since it will make your home visually larger. And lose the curtains since they only close the space. Adding mirrors will brighten up your home and make it look bigger whereas adding various indoor plants will bring the nature inside and make space feel more open. Keep in mind to minimize the number of possessions even when it comes to decorative items or plants; don’t exaggerate! Keep it light, it’ll only help when it comes to selling.

Having a small home is not really that big of a deal! Especially if you are handy so you can do most of these tricks yourself and expand your space without breaking a bank. A lot can be done to make your home visually bigger with just a few minor updates, so get rid of all the unnecessary items and start creating a clutter-free home overflowing only with positivity.