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Sun, Beach Wall Art, Seashells Decorations… Invite Summer into Your Home

Summer is the season of happiness and joy. Longer days mean more hours of sunlight, which is responsible for the boost of serotonin, also known as a happiness hormone. But people don’t love summer only because of that. It’s the time of holidays and trips to the seaside with our loved ones. Just the thought of it makes us feel ecstatic. However magnificent that is, it’s not the only way to enjoy the summer. Instead of going away, why don’t we invite summer into our homes? Ok, we can’t dig in our feet in a sand dune while sitting on a sofa, nor dive in a bathtub filled with salty water, but there are other ways to summerise your home. Here are some decor ideas that will make your redecorating journey nothing but smooth sailing, and your home a perfect summery oasis.

1. Color your home white

White and bright should be your motto when it comes to painting your walls. Nothing brightens up the space like white color. Whites and creamy pastels reflect the sunlight to a greater extent than any other colors do. You can stick to one hue or mix several shades of nudes if you want to give your home some depth. The diversity of these colors makes them easy to incorporate in any interior design styles. They blend well with wooden floors, marble counters, brass details, even some granite elements since they are all natural materials. Surrounding yourself with creamy nudes will evoke the mental images of long sandy beaches, and there’s nothing more summery than that.

2. Make a statement with your wall art

Daydreaming about cocktails on the beach listening to the sounds of waves in the background is pretty much the definition of summer for most people. What if I tell you that you can have that visual hanging on your wall? Mesmerizing prints reflecting beach life can make your statement wall a true piece of art. Add ocean prints in the bathrooms for a calming effect will take you right to summer mode!

3. Dive into the waves of blue

Nothing says summer more than blue color. It’s the color of the sea and the sky, and if you think about it, it can be seen everywhere during this time of the year. Navy and white stripes are the favorite summer pattern for everything from clothes and shoes to bathmats and cushions. So, if you’re about to invite summer into your home, make sure that you incorporate this fantastic color in some way. How about filling light blue and navy vases with hydrangea flowers? Or throw in some patterned cushions on your sofa? Maybe accessorizing your bathroom with blue and coral details like a toothbrush holder or towels? Add a spark of gold to it for a classy touch or some wooden elements for a rustic look.

4. Decorate It Yourself

Indulging in DIY projects is a great way to put that entire summer memorabilia to good use. Gather all the seashells that you may have collected over the years along with some glue and wooden plates and get creative! You can turn to good old Pinterest for some inspiration and tutorials. Make some fantastic pieces that will not only evoke summer but will also bring back all those wonderful memories. This can also be a fun group activity so feel free to include friends or members of your family as well.

5. Let it bloom

Summer is the time when nature is bursting with colors and wonderful smells. Incorporating some of it in your home can be a great decor hack that will instantly make the room livelier and more inviting. If you prefer minimalistic style, you can opt for calla lilies in a stylish vase or go wild and transform your living room into a tropical paradise. Indoor plants don’t just transform the place but enrich the quality of air, too.



As you can see, there are many easy ways to invite summer into your home. Following these decor ideas will make your redecorating journey certainly more enjoyable. Whether you decide to do it alone or with your loved ones, it will bring sunshine into your home and into your lives as well.