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How To Save Money on Travel (from a travel expert)

how to save money on travel tips

Travel is back and bigger than expected. Prices are rising as well as inflation so it’s important to save where you can. The world is waiting and it’s time to explore. Especially after the last few years where we all saw how fast it can be taken away.

After a lifetime of traveling, my tips will help you save money so you can travel more and for less without shortchanging your experience. Ready to learn all my secrets, tips, and tricks on how to save money while traveling?

Tip 30 and 31 will blow your mind!

31 Pro Tips to help you Save Money on Travel

  1. Off-Season baby! My favorite time to travel. Accommodations, tours, and even food will be much higher during the high season. Plus there will be fewer crowds!
  2. Fly during the week vs the weekend. Basically, fly when no one else wants to.
  3. Use Turo to rent a car vs a rental company so you can easily rent for a day if needed. 
  4. Park your car at Avail at the airport. Free parking, free detail, sign-up bonus, and rental income if they rent your car while you’re traveling. We saved $450 on our last trip and made $150!
  5. Travel to places where your home currency goes farther. During inflation travel to low-cost countries where the dollar goes farther. (Ie: 1 Belize Dollar equals 0.50 USD)
  6. Rely on locals. I always try to put money back into the local economy by working with locals and buying from locals. 
  7. Explore free things to do
  8. Ask for a room upgrade in person. Pro tip: Book your hotel stay directly with the hotel and avoid 3rd party sites. 
  9. Just want a cheap room? Use the Hotel Tonight app for cheap last-minute room deals.
  10. Use a travel-friendly credit card to avoid foreign transaction fees and take out money before your trip to avoid expensive exchange rates and ATM fees.
  11. Set a google alert for your flight and book when it’s the lowest price. I also use Skyscanner to find cheap flights.
  12. Use a credit card with sky miles for free flights.
  13. Wifi hotspot and a local SIM card. Calling home on wifi with apps like FB messenger can help stay connected for less. 
  14. Look up tipping culture as some countries don’t tip
  15. Skip buying souvenirs that were made in China. If you have to have something make sure it doesn’t take up space and it’s made locally.
  16. Get travel insurance. It’s a non-negotiable. I also like World Nomads. 
  17. Stay in Hostels or do a pet sitting/home watching service.
  18. Pack light to save on baggage fees
  19. Shop at local grocery stores. If your room has a kitchen go grocery shopping and save on not eating out every meal.
  20. Pack snacks and an empty water bottle.
  21. Get yourself into the airport lounge. Credit cards like this one offer lounge access and waives fees for Priority Pass!
  22. Take advantage of credit card free night certificates and free companion certificates for free hotels and flights. I have this one.
  23. Book hotel rooms on points and join their program
  24. Be flexible with your travel dates. I love the google flight calendar option so you can see which days flights are less. Stay longer to utilize discounts and offers like “stay 4 nights get the 5th one free”.
  25. Eat where the locals eat and try to skip the touristy spots
  26. Set a budget
  27. Get a luggage scale to weigh your suitcase before leaving. Pack a folding nylon bag (another great foldable option) for overweight items and items purchased on your trip. If your bag is over the weight limit by a few pounds, politely ask for them to waive the fee. This works best if you have status with that airline.
  28. Print out the hotel bill at the end and review it to see if you can get any resort fees waived. 
  29. Check all-inclusive deals to pay just once during your whole vacation especially if you’re traveling with kids. Beaches is a great option plus they include kids camp for all ages.
  30. Book a long layover in a country you want to visit to get 2 trips for the price of 1. Or do an Iceland Air stopover to see Iceland at no additional cost. 
  31. Change your flight within 24 hours. Want to come back on the 12th but it’s $900 and the 22nd is $300? Book the flight for the 22nd then call the airlines and change the flight to the 12th. Some airlines have a no-change fee within 24 hours. 

There you have it! All of my secrets for saving money and making money while traveling.

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