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liverpool cocktails

6 Ways to Enjoy a Tipple with the Ladies in Liverpool


I recently took my mum, her friend, and my sister on an impromptu city break into Liverpool.  Occasionally I enjoy making a prolonged visit into Liverpool and make the most of the great attractions that bring in tourist’s year around.  I must admit on this occasion my intentions were not so adventurous.  Instead we four simply wished to be in each other’s company whilst also enjoying a little tipple.  As my late Nan always said there’s more than one way to cook and duck.

Here are 7 different ways I enjoyed a tipple in Liverpool with my ladies!

liverpool cocktails

The Classic 2-4-1 Deal

We all love to get something for nothing, when that comes to a delicious cocktail it’s even more applicable.  For our first night out we took up lodging in a great little Liverpool cocktail bar.  Then promptly began to work our way through their extensive cocktail menu. Each taking sips of each other’s choice whilst reveling in the talents of the skilled mixologist.

Room Service

When our feet could walk no more we headed back to our gorgeous Liverpool hotel suite at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic.  We immediately placed a call into the upstairs bar for a quick night cap. There’s nothing quite like kicking back in your hotel suite after a long day of doing nothing, to be brought a bottle of the finest red straight to your room. Kind of makes you feel like a VIP.

Cocktail Masterclass

As a little treat I thought I’d surprise mum and the little sister with an in room cocktail masterclass. We were happily seated at the suites table whilst Paulo, a particularly talented mixologist, came and taught us some bottle tossing tricks. It was a great way to get our afternoon started with a few games thrown in for good measure. Best of all we each created our own signature cocktail.

Butler in the Buff

To make my treat a little more special I added a little something extra to the cocktail masterclass.  I arranged a butler in the buff to serve some of our expertly mixed drinks. My mum and her friend were in fits of giggles as the bare bummed butler offered them delicious drinks.  My little sister just blushed until she was a deeper shade of beetroot.

Wine Tasting

After a bit of a naughty indulgent afternoon I thought a little class might have been necessary. We headed off for an evening meal.  After searching high and low I found a restaurant that offered wine tasting alongside an amazing menu. This was right up mum’s alley, a lady who might as well be French judging by how much she knows about wine. We visited Veeno and enjoyed a great selection of tasty cheeses and meats along with a huge choice of delicious wine that perfectly accompanied our food. Sitting against the largest wine rack I’ve ever seen my mum was beaming.

Sunday Swing Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea liverpool

We had pre booked out seats for the Sunday Swing Afternoon Tea at our hotel and thank the lord we did. The turn out to the event was amazing, with cues heading out the door when we descended from our suite.

As soon as the quilted double doors were flung open by a smiling gentleman in what can only be described as spiffing attire, the crowds filtered into a most spectacular hall. There were huge gleaming crystal chandeliers suspended from the expansive ceiling’s and natural light poured in through 15 foot Georgian windows.

Groups of expertly laid tables were clustered together in an intimate dining setting, and we were quickly shown to our four seater by one of the windows looking out onto the Albert Dock. Soon a soothing voice began to croon soft sounds of jazz, accompanied by the tinkling keys of a grand piano. We enjoyed delightful tiny sandwiches and perfectly tiny cake and pastries, all washed down with elegantly stemmed flutes of fizzy.

From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening me and my accompanying ladies enjoyed a wonderful array of drinks. Even though this isn’t all that Liverpool has to offer if you are looking to kick back and relax with refreshments along the way, this is the perfect way to spend a leisurely break in the city.