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Why A Solo Cruise Is The Perfect Way To Travel Alone

Reasons why a solo cruise is the perfect way to travel alone for the first time

Organizing your perfect trip can be stressful, especially if you’re struggling to find the right companion. A lot of friends and family members can be busy or lack funds for the trip. In that case, traveling alone can be a great idea. First, you’re independent to do as you please, without constraints and catering to other people’s needs. In that case, going on a solo cruise would be the right thing for you.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a solo cruise as the perfect way to travel alone.

1. First of all, a solo cruise isn’t a singles cruise

If you’re confused right now, nobody blames you because a lot of people tend to use these two interchangeably. The singles cruise is meant for single people who’re looking for romance or friendship, while the solo cruise is specially designed for solo travelers who can’t find the right person to travel with. There are many reasons for that — maybe your partner can’t get time off work, or your best friend’s not a sea person. The point is, nobody should deny themselves a trip just because they lack a companion. In that situation, solo cruises are just what you need. The main difference is that solo cruisers choose to travel by themselves, and if you’re still unsure about this, give it a try because it might be one of the most fulfilling experiences ever.

2. There are so many activities involved

Cruise ships are known for their vast entertainment offers. There are many cafes, clubs, libraries, restaurants, bars, exercise and cooking classes, just to name some. In case you prefer to be by yourself, you can always read a book or watch a movie in your cabin, but honestly, it would be a pity to miss out on all these fun activities, because even if you’re an introvert, you can find a pleasant solo activity such as yoga or swimming. That’s one big advantage of going on a solo cruise — everyone can find something to do! Even if you go to spend time by yourself and do nothing, it wouldn’t be bad to give these activities a chance because you might learn something new and still have fun.

3. Meeting new people is easy on a solo cruise

If you’re bothered by going alone, fearing that you might spend the rest of your trip by yourself, here’s some good news: solo cruises are an excellent opportunity to meet new people and build friendships. Since everyone on a cruise is in the same situation as you, it’s already a great common ground and an amazing conversation starter. And whenever you start feeling overwhelmed by chatting with others, you can politely excuse yourself and retreat to your cabin or go swimming. Still, being on a cruise is a great chance to spend time with people you otherwise wouldn’t consider your friends, because you never know, you might learn something new and gain some valuable experiences.

4. There’s so much to see

Cruising is an amazing experience, mostly thanks to the fact that you’re able to visit different cities and countries in a short period. There are daily shore excursions, so use every chance to go to each one. If you don’t like regular walking tours, you can always opt for snorkeling, cave tubing, or beach parties. But, before you board a cruise, make sure to browse all the options. Also, it’s recommended you get travel insurance so you’ll be able to go on a trip without worrying that something might happen to you. Being insured is extremely important in case of sudden emergencies that need to be taken care of on the spot. Wherever you go, staying safe should always be your first priority, especially seeing that some excursions require you to be healthy and physically fit.

5. You can do things on your own terms

Traveling with a friend or a relative can be beneficial if you wish to have someone by your side, no matter what. Still, having company means that you’ll have to adjust yourself to somebody else, especially if you’re sharing a cabin or a room. On the other hand, traveling alone means that you can do things at your own pace, without justifying yourself. Feeling like skipping breakfast and sleeping in for a few hours? You’re your own boss, so why not. Staying in the cabin instead of socializing in the bar? No problem. Traveling solo lets you plan the trip according to your needs. And the truth is, as we get older, we tend to be more protective of our habits and quirks which means that compromising becomes more difficult. That’s why going on a solo trip can be a very liberating experience since you’re free to do anything you want.

A solo cruise is the perfect holiday for those who love being alone

To conclude, going on a solo cruise is a perfect first step to experiencing traveling alone. Simply remember that there’s no reason to justify yourself to anyone, instead pack your bags and just go!


Thinking of traveling alone for the first time? Here are give reasons why a solo cruise is the perfect way to get started!