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Luxury Vacation in the Land Down Under

Experienced travelers say that Australia has it all—from huge, cosmopolitan cities to natural beaches, intact forests and rich marine life. So, if you’re looking for a versatile vacation destination, be sure to visit Oz. And if you’re used to vacationing in style, don’t worry! Australia has plenty of lux experiences that will impress even the most refined tastes. Here’s how to have a perfect, luxury vacation in the Land Down Under.

Book the best accommodation

Sure, Sydney and Melbourne hotels are amazing, but there’s nothing more exclusive than private little villas at the beach! That’s why you must book your stay in one of the beach lodges that will help you relax and charge your batteries before you hit the city.

For instance, you can travel north to Cairns and visit Bedarra Island. This beautiful resort is all about sand, privacy and lush comfort (it only has eight secluded villas). Have a romantic dinner under the stars or grab a boat and have a desert island getaway! On the other hand, if you prefer the South, travel to Kangaroo Island and book a stay in Southern Ocean Lodge. Aside from enjoying high-end service, amazing food and white, sandy beaches, you’ll also get to see sea lions, penguins and koalas while exploring the island!

Try water sports

Australia is all about their beach lifestyle, so when in Rome…Make sure to give some of their adrenaline-fueled water sports a try and you’re bound to have a lot of fun. You can book private surfing classes or rent a water jet or a yacht for a little sea ride! There are many yachts that come with a captain and chefs who will take you wherever you want to go and prepare amazing dishes for you on board! There are even sci-fi jetpack activities you can try that will turn you into Iron Man!

Experience the luxury Outback stay

You simply can’t leave Australia without visiting their famous but cruel Outback. However, you can do it in style and have a comfy Outback experience from your private swimming hole. You can also enjoy breathtaking sunsets while sipping cocktails and have dinners for two under millions of stars! The Outback can be comfortable too, if you know how to travel! 

Arrive to Sydney in style

If you’re traveling to Sydney from the States or Europe, your flight will really be exhausting, so you must treat yourself with a comfy ride to your accommodation. Just book your Sydney Airport limousine service, and you’ll surely arrive in style and surrounded by comfort. This is a perfect way to start your lux Sydney vacation—without stress and worry of getting lost or late to your dinner reservation!

Drive around Sydney like a boss

If you want to explore Sydney in style, you must visit one of the car rental companies. There you can book everything from spacious Jeeps and elegant Bentleys to attractive supercars and fast bikes! Rent a Lambo or try out a Rolls Royce and hit the Sydney streets!

Eat the best food

Australia, especially Sydney, is one of the most diverse places in the world when it comes to cuisine! It is full of new, expensive restaurants, but where the real luxury lies is the tradition! Try out some classic dining spots that have a long tradition and world-renowned reputation. Two of these are definitely Quay and Sepia. Sepia draws inspiration from Japanese cuisine and it offers the best seafood you can find in the world! Additionally, don’t forget to explore the Aussie wine scene. There are great wine tours to Hunter Valley that start from Sydney, where you can sample the best Australian wines and learn many useful things about this ancient beverage!

Shop until you drop

While in Sydney, don’t forget to treat yourself with exclusive shopping experiences. If you really want to shop like a professional, you must hire a personal stylist and a private chauffeur to drive you around the city. Your personal shopper will create a personalized shopping route based on your style and you’ll leave Sydney dressed like a movie star! And, you’ll not even get too exhausted during the whole-day shopping spree, thanks to your driver.

So, pack your bags and book a lux Oz vacation that will make you feel like a VIP, from the moment you land, to the moment you depart!