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How I’m feeling about Covid19 + 6 things you can do to make you feel in control

All the things I'm feeling about Coronavirus (and you probably are too!). On this post, I share six tips to stay in control during the outbreak, inclding how to stay sane and healthy! 


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How I’m feeling about Covid19

I’ve been following the Coronavirus cases since they started in China over 8 weeks ago. It was scary. People were lying about the severity of it, not documenting the cases right so the reports were wrong, and hiding the truth. The media didn’t pick it up in the US right away but there were secret videos going out on TikTok and online from people on the inside that were giving everyone the breakdown and letting people know how extreme it was. Liz on Instagram did a really good job of sharing everything she found online as well. She even made a prep list which helped a ton. The images of people passing out in the streets, dying, and the quarantine footage was horrific. 11 million people were under strict quarantine and still are until there are no more cases. I knew that eventually, it would make its way to the US. 

I continued to prepare, waiting for the news to hit, and stayed informed but also traveled for work (as safe as I could). We bought N95 NIOSH approved masks, gloves, sanitizer, and wipes and were very cautious. The flights were pretty empty so we chose seats based on the seat map, typically towards the very back of the plane where there were entire rows empty. My family started social distancing and shopped for nonperishable items just in case shit hit the fan. 

These things don’t happen but once in a generation, I feel like. It’s almost like this is our “war”. It’s strange because it’s something everyone in the world is dealing with right now at the same time. The coronavirus sucks, and it’s awful, but it makes the world feel small, like we’re in this together. 

It still feels like some people don’t get it. Bars, clubs, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, group gatherings, events are all canceled. There are no audiences and production of movies and tv shows have shut down. Schools are closed indefinitely, and colleges including graduations have been closed and postponed. The President declared a state of emergency and told the public to shelter in place. Yet despite this, some people are still going out. I think it’s because people think it’s just the flu or it only gets the elderly but they’re just misinformed and haven’t been following the virus.

What’s scary is that symptoms don’t show up for 1-2 weeks so you don’t even know if you’re carrying the virus and spreading it to other people. Specifically, other people who may not be able to fight it off and die. Plus, there is still limited testing so no one really knows the true numbers of people actually infected. The coronavirus is 3x deadlier, more contagious and harder to isolate than the flu. There is currently no cure or preventative vaccine.

These are scary times. There is a lot of uncertainty. Personally, I want to thanks all the health care workers, nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, grocery store workers, EMTs, police, and everyone making a difference all over the world. I am very thankful for your help and for everything you do. I’m feeling an extreme amount of sadness and worry for people who are out of work, for small businesses, for people who still have to go to work, for the elderly, and for the world. I’m not sure what’s next but I feel like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Just remember we’re all in this together. I believe we will come out of this on top.⠀

There has to be a lesson in this somewhere. A hard reset people needed, a pause, Gods plan or the universe telling us to listen up? 

In the meantime I’m just trying to remain calm, positive, and help people where I can.


So what can you do besides wash your hands?

1. Budget

Layout your cash flow, expenses, income, etc and make a plan. Conserve your money. Relief in some areas is available. Taxes have been extended without penalty. Call your credit card companies and ask them to implement their disaster relief program which allows you to skip payments with no penalty. Know which utility companies are extending services without payment. If they aren’t, call and ask. ⠀

2. Prepare but don’t hoard

If you have extra face masks please consider donating them to a hospital. To our front line. They are in desperate need and we have no supply. If you feel helpless, buy an EMS bag, a thermometer reader (I got the Exergen one that was $20 at Costco but it’s now $130 online), and an oxygen monitor to help test yourself at home without having to go to the hospital. Get these things right now because prices are skyrocketing. Supply and demand. On that same note if you have kids, grab them clothes in the next size up. A $5 shirt could now cost $30-100 since warehouses/manufacturers are shutting down. 

3. Stay in touch

Face time your friends and family. Check on your neighbors. Help small businesses if you can. There are more “IG lives” than ever before so connect with people online! Watch a group Netflix.⠀

4. Medications

Get all of your prescriptions filled 3 months out or as long as you can. Call your doctors. Do what you need to do. 

5. Stay informed.

Things are changing by the hour. Try not to worry yourself but stay up to date.

6. Stay home.

Quarantine. Seriously, do it. Listen to music, watch TV, do an online workout class, dance, join me on TikTok, start a blog, meditate, journal and write down how you’re feeling, sit on your porch to get fresh air, clean and organize your home, pray, shower (that last one is for me)


Sending you all love. I hope you’re safe wherever you are. ⠀


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☣️ STOP ☣️

We have to act NOW to save lives. Listen up.

While panic is never preferable- if that’s what it takes for you to stay home and slow the spread, then maybe you need to get scared.

People are exponentially spreading this disease with no symptoms. We have all GOT TO STAY HOME. No more lunch with the ladies. No more playground meetups.


There are otherwise healthy children and young adults on *limited supply* ventilators right now. This virus is brand new to the entire world and it is ravaging people’s bodies in unexpected fatal ways- and no, not just the elderly or compromised.

Math is math. We are already projected to run out of lifesaving equipment and supplies very quickly.

This is not media hype, this is not a hoax, this is real. It may be easy to forget that we are in the middle of a dangerous pandemic while the sun is out, traffic is light, and you are off work.

There are no sirens going off or bombs exploding in your front yard, but I can promise you that we are in a very real crisis. However, we have SOME control.

The longer we wait and the more we continue to socialize with each other and expose ourselves in public the longer we will be stuck in isolation, the longer people will be out of work, the longer our children won’t have school, the longer our economy will suffer.

Keep in mind that Wuhan did a very tight lockdown and they have STILL been quarantined for two months now and cannot lift the quarantine until they have gone 28 days without a new positive result. The US government has been very lax in comparison and this will not bode well for us if we don’t do better NOW.

This won’t last forever, but our future WILL look a lot different based on the choices we make.

Just because the government did not force you to stay home or because your favorite restaurant, store or salon has chosen not to close does not mean you should leave your home.

Are you a parent of teens or young adults? KEEP THEM HOME. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.



Things are getting scary right now, so I decided to write my guide to staying in control during the current outbreak of Coronavirus. If you're looking for ways to ease anxiety and stay sane and healthy right now, this post will help!