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Student Life: The Perks of Renting Textbooks

Being a broke college student, finding ways to save money is always ~*magical*~ especially when you have to spend a small fortune on getting everything you need for your classes.



My freshman year I purchased all my books brand-new, thinking I would want to keep them in case I ever needed to use them again in the future (lol, let’s be real- I’m never opening them again). This year I’ve come to my senses after learning about the many perks of renting textbooks through Campus Book Rentals.


Some of the benefits of renting textbooks through Campus Book Rentals include:

  • Save 40-90% off bookstore prices


  • Free shipping both ways


  • Books in which other students have already highlighted all the important information, so you don’t have to ~ YAY ~ ! But if you want to you can still highlight your book to your heart’s desire


  • Flexible renting periods




Want to know more about renting books through Campus Book Rentals? Check out this video.


Now you can head out with your friends with all the money you just saved!


xx Claire