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What To Do When Your Hair Appt Goes ALL Bad

SOOO… It happens to everyone- even me. You pin a wonderful hair inspiration photo, find a great stylist, book that appointment, and VOILA!! Horrible Hair Happens. What do you do next??? Another case of social media vs. reality.

what to do when your hair apt goes bad
First off- Don’t freak out. It’s just hair!!! Plus, you are an adult with options and it’s so much easier to negotiate a fix that will get you back out snapchatting selfies if you keep your cool. So take a couple deep breaths and let’s break down your choices. 

before and after hair painting blonde


#1 DON’T LEAVE THE SALON… without talking to your stylist or if you feel uncomfortable, ask the front desk person to speak to the owner/salon manager. Explain that you aren’t happy with the results and try to be specific with what you don’t like and would like to change. Stay calm!! Ideally, the salon/stylist is more than happy to correct your style. Don’t wait a week or two to call back!! 

#2 TAKE AN OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT… before you start making adjustments, analyze exactly what you’d like to change. Thinking of a greyscale (the range between black and white), is your hair too light or too dark? Now picture a color wheel, is the tone of your hair too grey/blue or yellow/orange? Or are you unhappy with the placement of the color, (for example too many highlights or not enough)? If your problem is relatively straightforward, you might be able to adjust it at home but unless you have some experience working with color, you might be doing more harm than good to start throwing things on your hair.

#3 FIND A NEW SALON… Sometimes it’s best just to move on. Before booking the next available opening at the local shop, do your research!! Take that perfect hair inspo photo and start looking for a hairstylist that matches the style. Instagram is great for local stylists to advertise their work or ask a friend (or stranger!!) that has the look for the name of their salon. Then be careful to explain to the new stylist what you didn’t like about the last color.

After my crazy hair experience I found a new salon to try and this time I did my research!! Instead of just calling up the salon I used to go to in high school, I used my favorite resource (Instagram!!) and searched for hair salons in my area with pictures I loved. I ended up at @dukesanddolls in Petaluma with @shaunapowershair. I liked the natural, dimensional blondes she created and I have been dying to try hair painting for MONTHS after seeing it at @habitsalon in AZ.

After a quick consult, she decided hair painting was a perfect choice to turn my brassy, grown out ombré into better brighter all over look!! I explained how the ombré was making my hair look dirty but how I hated being a fried blonde. Not only did she perfectly transition my hair but she explained everything as she went along and was incredibly sweet and funny.

Back to happy hair.  Have you ever had a bad hair appointment? What did you do?