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3 Tips To Help You Recover From Traveling + What You Should Know About Tropic Isle Living

hair skin care recover from travel blogger tropic isle living review

Traveling is amazing. It’s so much fun and I love visiting other places. However, it can also be rough on your body. I do a few things when I get back from every trip that I want to share to help you recover from your travels! And no, unpacking is not one of them. My room is like a suit case graveyard. Woof. Anyways, here are a few things to help get you back on track.

hair skin care recover from travel blogger

Amansala Tulum Eco Chic Resort, shot with the Mavic Pro Drone

1. Hydrate

This means drinking tons of water! Take your vitamins, eat fruit and vegetables, take your B12, etc.. This part is crucial to hydrate your skin and cleanse your body.

2. Rest

Sometimes all you need is a little extra sleep. Jet lag is a real thing and so is stress. Make sure to go to bed at your normal time in the current time zone and sleep! Get your rest so you can be productive the rest of the week.

3. Moisturize

I recently got back from a trip to Mexico and got completely dominated by the sun, among other things. Luckily I was sent a variety of Tropic Isle Living products before I went because they were much needed! The summer can be brutal and especially because the life of a travel blogger makes your skin dehydrated and dry so putting moisture back into your hair and skin is a must. Tropic Isle Living makes natural hair, skin and body care products from oils, herbs and berries from Jamaica. I love love love that they are headquartered in Atlanta! Bonus, they’re celebrating its 25th anniversary this year so you know their products are great!

hair skin care recover from travel blogger

Behind The Brand

Tropic Isle Living was launched in 1992 with the conviction to bring to market a range of Jamaican herbs and herbal products that have been valued for generations for their benefits to the hair, skin and body. For over 20 years Tropic Isle Living has been specializing in making natural hair, skin and body care products from oils, herbs and berries from Jamaica, the rest of the Caribbean and Africa. Their products are not massed produced, they are mostly made the old fashioned, traditional, hand-processed way. Only because it is one way to preserve the natural magnetism of their products while paying homage to the elders and ancestors that passed on the knowledge.

Their most popular product is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It is a powerful and proven hair conditioner, but it is also traditionally used for: aches and pains, laxative, skin issues, breast massage, detoxifier and much more. Use Tropic Isle Living’s Black Castor Oil Line of Hair products for a healthy scalp, and healthier, stronger, longer and thicker hair. The effectiveness and the multiple benefits of this wonderful healing oil has prompted them to use it as a base in Tropic Isle Living’s other hair and skin products including our: Coconut Black Castor Oil, Black Castor Oil Hair Food, Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner, Black Castor Oil Shampoo, Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil and Khus Khus Body Butter. They also have a line of bath products which includes Jamaican Bush Bath, Cerasse Bush Bath, Lemon Grass/Mint Bush Bath, Island Spice Bush Bath, and Ginger Bush Bath.

hair skin care recover from travel blogger beauty

My Experience

Tropic Isle Living is most well known for their products that are made out of Jamaican Castor Oil, an oil that has many purposes such as helping with hair growth (hair, eyelashes & eyebrows!), nail growth, burn protection, moisturizing skin and much, much more. I went through the entire bottle while I was in Mexico. I used it in my hair and all over my skin since it was so dry. There are so many ways to use their products so the possibilities are endless.

Now that I’m back, I’m most excited to try out their Jamaican Hibiscus Island Scrub! I came home with a nice little reminder of Mexico in the form of a sunburn and their black castor oil has been a life saver. The black castor oil is great for so many things.  It stimulates hair growth, cleanses the scalp of parasites and toxins that damages hair and slows growth, helps repair dry damaged hair and breakages, protects hair with a protective coat that seals in moisture, and you can even use it as a hot oil treatment! I used it in my hair and on my skin. All you have to do is massage it into your skin to moisturize dry skin and relieve and sooth the pain.

I like the fact that it’s 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. Plus, you can use the same bottle for so many different uses you’re able to pack light and have a multipurpose product. I have to admit, I probably would have never picked this up in the store because its new to me but I’m so glad I got to try it! It’s exactly what I need in my life, especially with all my travels.


hair skin care recover from travel blogger

This post was sponsored by Tropic Isle Living but all options are my own as I personally used their products over a period of time.