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It’s not too late to save your skin

The must have skin care regime. Rodan & Fields to the rescue!
Want to get that skin summer ready? Come check out one of my new favorite products by Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields (the same two Doctors who created Proactive). These Doctors aren’t on trial, they have already proven themselves! It has been the fastest growing premium skincare line the past two years and will soon be a household name. 

The results don’t lie–and whats there to lose when you have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee? 

One of my favorite products is the new Acute Care Strips — Fill a wrinkle while you sleep?! YES YOU CAN!! What’s even better? No appointment necessary.  
Want to find out what skincare routine might work best for you? Click here! Want to purchase? Click here!
Four regimens:
1. Redefine-fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening
2. Reverse-sun damage, dark spots, malasma
3. Soothe-sensitive skin, rosacea
4. Unblemish-acne, more than 5 breakouts per month
+ ALL regimens have anti-age components!
-Preferred Customer (10% off, free shipping, one-time $19.95 fee)
-Consultant (one-time investment of less than $1000, $100 monthly overhead, 25% off, everything is a tax write-off)

So get on it and get the skin you’ve always wanted!  I know I am!  Dirty 30 does not mean dirty skin.  R + F to the rescue!
xo – Ady & Carri (your R+F consultant)