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Werk Betch! Office Makeover Numero 3!

 If y’all didn’t catch the first go round of le new Office Makeover then check out the before here.  If you know me you know I can’t sit still for long.  There must be a hidden interior designer deep down just busting to get out because I will literally sell things just so I can redecorate a room.  Is that bad?  Naahhh because this last one was a steal!  I sold my ZGallerie table aka desk for $150 (original retail value $1200 but it was a few years old) and bought a killer white table at an antique store in Atlanta for $75.  Boom – lemme lemme upgrade ya and this latest Office Makeover came to be!  This one even has a drawer so it’s way more functional.
Office Makeover




 NOW. (Newest Makeover)


Office Makeover
This table also doubles as a coffee table or end table.  Both wings fold down!  I’m in love!




I like to keep POPS on my bar cart… my most favorite thing ever as a little pick me up!


DIY chalk prints – just print and frame!


DIY prints

Pink, black and white, and gold are some abs fav and make for my perfect office space!  I also love mixing metallics + textures/patterns + modern pieces + antiques…  Gives it a little … je ne sais quoi.

I had so much fun at Queen of Heart Antiques in Atlanta that I even made room for another “blog space” in the sitting area of my bedroom.  I got this desk with chair included for $199 and it goes great!  Don’t ya think! It’s the perfect space for me to sit and blog or pay bills (blah).  I like to call it my personal office and my work office is downstairs.  Keeping them separate really helps!

How it looked in store                                                  How it looks in my room!

I keep a small mini fridge to the right of my desk stocked with waters, perrier etc… to stay hydrated during the work day!  Convenience is key for me.
There is this oversized chair in the corner adjacent from my desk.  Ignore the Unicorn.. it’s for a friend! 🙂 Although I do kind of like it!
Office Makeover
Love love love these spaces!  I believe that enjoying your work space will really help improve your work.  Plus if you have to work might as well enjoy it!   
If you don’t have room for an office space in your place I highly suggest checking out WeWork!  They are a co-working company that has some great spaces and offices you can work in!
What do you love about your office space?  What do you love about mine?  Which one do you like the best?  Any tips or things I should change/add to my Office Makeover?  Would love your input! Muah!
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