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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Tromsø, Norway (The Arctic Circle)

If you saw from my Norway Instagram story highlights you know I had so much fun. I spent most of the time saying, “is this real life?” It seriously just kept getting better and better. So let me tell you about Tromsø and why you should add it to your bucket list immediately!

Tromsø is located 217 miles north of the Arctic Circle and is the largest city in Northern Norway. From September to March many people come to Tromsø to see the northern lights. From 20 May to 20 July the midnight sun makes it possible to do as the locals and participate in various activities around the clock. In general, Tromsø has a mild climate for such a northerly destination because of its seaside location and the warming effect of the Gulf stream. It is easy to get to Tromsø from other Norwegian cities and abroad. We flew into Oslo, stayed for a day or two, then flew to Tromsø and I’m so glad we got to see both! Totally worth it!

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Tromsø, Norway (The Arctic Circle)

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Where To Stay

Tromsø offers accommodation for most budgets, from good hotels and apartments in the city to charming cottages out of town. The Radisson Blu Hotel Tromso is right on the water and in the city centre. The hotel has 269 newly renovated rooms with modern interior and design. The hotel shuttle bus stops right outside the hotel and is only 4km from the airport. In the hotel building, there is a very popular pizzeria (Yonas Pizzeria) and a pub (Rorbua Pub).

Where To Eat

The city is known for its lively night scene and a range of restaurants specialising in the fresh ingredients of the Arctic. Tromsø’s multi-cultural community, featuring more than 100 nationalities, does its very best to whet local palates, and there is no shortage of new eateries based on local food.

Be on the lookout for these amazing large pastries with creme in the middle because they were delicious! To be honest, we spent most of the time going places and doing these epic activities so we rarely had time to eat. Most of the time we were just grabbing a bite to go from our hotel or snacking on nutrition bars. However, one day we went to Yonas and had the most incredible pizza I’ve ever eaten. I swear Norwegians love pizza because there is just about one on every corner but Yonas is definitely the best! Stop in to get a Tako pizza and and local beer! You won’t regret it.

What To Do

In this modern city in the Arctic, nature and culture go hand in hand. Tromsø has many activities to offer, from an aquarium and several quality museums to the world’s northernmost botanical garden. The city is also a popular place to observe the majestic phenomenon of the northern lights.
For the outdoor enthusiasts, Tromsø city centre is conveniently located just around the corner from seemingly untouched wilderness, which offers many opportunities for activities like hiking, fishing, kayaking, dog sledding and whale safaris.
If you want a cultural holiday, Tromsø hosts the Tromsø International Film Festival and the Northern Light Festival, both of which attract visitors from all over the world. At Northern Norway Art Museum you can explore art and crafts with ties to Northern Norway from the 1800s up until today.
Run under the midnight sun or admire the wonderful northern lights. Go whale spotting or dog sledding, try your hand at sea fishing in the kingdom of the big fish, and play a round of golf on the world’s northernmost course.

There are so many things to do in Tromso! If you want more details you can read my post on the top 3 things to do in Tromso. My favorites were definitely snowmobiling across 3 countries to stand in 3 places at once, feeding the reindeer, and of course chasing the Northern Lights.

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