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10 Best Tourist Attractions In Singapore

10 Best Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Although Singapore is a tiny island state, it boasts of a great number of wonderful tourist attractions. There is no shortage of attractions in Singapore no matter how long you want to explore it. The city represents an incredible ethnic diversity and offers breathtaking views of its natural as well as man-made beauty.

If you are planning your trip to Singapore, make sure you don’t miss out visiting any of the following 10 best Singapore attractions

Marina Bay Singapore

  1. Marina Bay

The Mariana Bay, located in the city’s most affluent side, is quite famous all around the world. With the rapid development of this city-state, the entire Marina Bay area has experienced a rapid renovation. The $5.5 Billion Marina Bay Sand Complex has been built as the central point of the area. Multiple casinos and restaurants have been developed around it. The best time to visit Marina Bay is around 20:00 local time when the striking light show begins. The light show is also world-famous because of the illumination and effects it creates on the bay water and some surrounding iconic landmarks of Singapore.

Orchard Road

  1. Orchard Road

Orchard Road had been designated as the world’s number 1 shopping street in 2012. It beat the great Bond Street of London and the Champs Elysees of Paris to make its way to the top of the list. This three-mile long road hosts 6 departmental stores and 22 glamorous malls that exhibit all the elite brands and top fashion houses.

Universal Studios Singapore

  1. Universal Studios Singapore

The first amusement park in whole South East Asia, the Universal Studios Singapore, is sure to leave a remarkable spot on your memory. The park has a good number themed zones including the Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Hollywood, New York, Madagascar and Far Far Away (you remember Shrek series?). You can expect to meet some of your favorite movie characters in the theme zones. For breathtaking excitement and thrills in Hollywood style, this park has two water-themed and five thrilling roller-coasters of which two of are now the world’s tallest ‘dueling’ roller coasters.

chinatown singapore

  1. Chinatown And Little India

Singapore might be a small country but it has great number of Chinese, Indian and Malay people living there. You will find remarkable aspects of these cultures in Singapore. A tour to Singapore is considered incomplete without a trip into these ethnic areas – most fascinating probably are the Little India and Chinatown.

Serangoon Road which is the central commercial route that passes via Little India. You can start exploring from Tekka Market – considered Singapore’s most busy and lively wet market- where you will see the local’s daily rituals of grocery shopping. You can also check the Arts Village for scanning the variety of Indian artwork and clothing.

Chinatown Heritage Centre in Singapore is the best place to start with if you want to explore Chinatown. The Heritage center displays the tincture of the days of Singapore’s first generation Chinese immigrants and their bouts to carry on lives. After that, you can wander over New Bridge Road and check on the road-side cubicles that vend souvenir, conventional Chinese sausages and local barbecued meats.

Gardens By the Bay

  1. Gardens by the Bay

‘Gardens by the Bay’ is a gigantic, flamboyant, ultra-modern park in the Bay Area. It had been selected as the World Building of the year in 2012 at the World Architecture Festival. It’s a 101-hectare horticultural scheme that seats on prime waterfront land at the south of Marina Bay. The illustrious Super-tree structures provides an awesome walk around the gardens. Over-sized seashell shaped greenhouses imitate cool mountain environments. There are numerous plants and trees to see, making this place a great entertainment for both adults and kids.

Botanical Garden singapore

  1. Botanical Garden

Visit Singapore Botanical Garden like indigenous guys: take a walk through the weaving pathways bordered by lush greenery or participate in a free exercise class like tai chi or whatever you prefer. After that, go to Casa Verde to have the breakfast before heading to the National Orchid Gardens – the biggest collection of orchids in the world– where 20,000 floras are on show.

Singapore Flyer singapore

  1. Singapore Flyer

Welcome to one of the world’s largest observation wheels. It’s an amusing one of a kind experience you haven’t seen any observation wheel yet.  The Singapore Flyer is built over a three-story terminal building, 165 meters high and 150 meters in diameter, and moves at 0.21m per second. It is approximately 30 meter higher than the renowned London Eye! With wonderful panorama views that are so much diverse during the day time and night time, it’s hard to pick up the best time for a ride. On the flyer, you will be able to see city sights like the Singapore River, Marina Bay, Empress Place, and Raffles Place.

Resorts World Singapore

  1. Resorts World

Sentosa is a man-made island located on the southern part of Singapore. It was developed for the sole purpose of relaxation and leisure. A gathering of beaches, golf, theme parks, shopping, eating and more stand on this strip of retrieved land. You can check it out by a cable car or by road. This place is heaven for leisure-hungry people and party animals!

Asian Civilizations Museum singapore

  1. Asian Civilizations Museum

Located by the Singapore River, the well-known Asian Civilizations Museum exhibits traditional traits of pan-Asian people. It showcases their culture and religion through the collection of over 1,000 artifacts – including prints, porcelain figures, woodwork, bronze sculptures, ornaments and textiles. You can find all of these adorned in 11 big thematic galleries. There are lots of enthralling exhibits; however, you must check on the Singapore River Gallery that displays the archaeological findings from excavation projects around both sides of Singapore River.

Night Safari singapore

  1. Night Safari

Considering Singapore’s harsh weather, a journey to the zoo is the most alluring after evening. The Night Safari, the first safari park for nocturnal animals in the world, has 2,500 animals (around 130 species). It’s not only a zoo; it’s also a leading animal research center in Asia.  The zoo hosts the Malayan tiger, Himalayan griffon vultures, wildebeests, greater one-horned rhinoceroses and gazelles – although in a confined space – roaming over plushy rainforest. You should explore the park on the foot through one of the four walking trails. Make sure to hop for the Leopard Trail first. There is also a 35-minute tram ride with live commentary about the park.


Singapore is full of world-class tourist attractions. If you wish to live in Singapore as an expat, you can earn your living by finding tuition jobs in Singapore. You can teach any subject and enjoy living a very high standard of life in the most expensive city on earth!