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Top Sunglasses of The Summer

Saturday’s are for shopping and one thing I’ve been obsessed with buying lately are sunglasses.  They are like a bag… something that you have the flexibility of chaining daily so why not?  The more the better!! 



I recently went to The Apparel Mart in Atlanta where I had the opportunity to shop til I dropped and I did!  There are some great places in there  and the great thing about The Mart is everything is wholesale prices!  Ahhhhmaaazzziinnnngggg!!!!


I had some favs and if you follow us on SnapChat @VerbalGoldBlog you saw how hard a decision it was for me.  Because these Dita’s are life!  If you like HUUUUGE sunglasses the Dita’s are for you!  I love mine! (Yes I got these too)



I went for what I like to call the Shock Factor and picked out some I would never usually wear and ended up LOVING them!  Abs fave. I got these Sunday Somewhere round glasses in white.  Just in from Italy.  Because you can’t beat the price at The Mart… wholesale!


If you’re interested in shopping at The Mart just call International Optics to add your name to the list.  Everything is 40% off too!


International Optics // [email protected] // 404-524-7249


I have about 15 of the below glasses.  I know I have a problem.  #cantstopwontstop Trust me when I say the velvet glasses from Eye Jets are amazing!!! I just got them with black velvet frames with the white side pieces and I love them!!! 




Don’t get me wrong I love a good pair of cheapey cheap sunglasses too!  You know… the ones you always take to the beach, lake, river, pool.  My heart sunglasses make my heart go boom!  And you can get them for around $10!  Steal of a deal.  I have about 4 pairs… just in case.  Ya know?




Happy Saturday and more importantly Happy Shopping!


Thanks Eye Jets and International Optics for these amazing glasses!  I love my sunnies and reading glasses x 10000000!!!!



xoxo AdY