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To Be Styled by Cypress & 5th




Sometimes you just don’t want to go shopping or get tired of dealing with crowds. Well, I’m here to tell you that Cypress and 5th solves those problems! I’ve worked with them and I LOVE their style, just love! They’re fun and trendy! Check out this Hayden Plaid Blouse I have worn all fall! And here’s the one below for spring…

New Spring Hayden Plaid Blouse from Cypress & 5th


So how does Cypress & 5th work, let me tell you. They’re the stylists and will put together your virtual dressing room to shop from each month. They have a great concept – complete your online profile (tell them your style, size and shape), pick your items (that they recommend), and they ship right to your door! Poof, you have a new outfit that you’ll love! Plus it comes with a “How to Style” suggestion card that recommends style options such as shoes, accessories, and pairing options. Sometimes it’s hard to stay on top of current styles and what is “trendy” but that’s why you have your own personal stylists – Cypress and 5th (follow them on Facebook and check out some of their clothes)!

You can choose between a dress/romper and accessory or a top, bottom and accessory for $74.95/month. After becoming a member on the first of every month, you will receive a new virtual dressing room with recommended items based on your profile. And the best part, if you can’t decide you can buy more and get 25% or greater off the retail price. If you’re like me, you’ll want it all! I promise. 

Here are some of my favorite spring outfits from Cypress & 5th:

Casual button up denim dress


Darling mint scalloped shorts
 LOVE this floral maxi 


Cute horse romper 


Sassy Dresses
Alex rocking this flowy, pink dress

Great accessory
Be sure to check out Cypress & 5th and they can supply you with new wardrobe!



* Professional photos by the best, Jennifer Oetting Photography! *