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Top 6 Places to Eat in Nola

Knowing where to get good food when visiting New Orleans is key! I’m sharing my top 5 places to eat in Nola. All neighborhoods considered. #NewOrleans #USA

The last time I went to Nola, I was on a date, and a girl with her family at the table next to us threw up all over her food and the table. Literally. Right. Next. To. Us. Dinner was over for me. There’s no coming back from that. Bourbon street is rough, especially for those that can’t hang. So trust me when I say, knowing where to get good food is key!

Where to begin? – let me tell you about some of the food we ate. (Basically we f-ING ate everything) I mean, a lot, all kinds and more. Oh, you wanted specifics? Well, Louisiana is known for their creole/southern French inspired sea food. (Think a lot to shrimp with spices and def accompanied by bell peppers and onions) So, we indulged. We had the jambalaya, amazing crawfish, beignets and SO much more ….

Despite spicy seafood (I swear this city alone keeps the pepper industry in business) being a staple here in Nola (that’s short for New Orleans guys) all this girl can think about when she comes to the south is BBQ! So, what do I do? I google places Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives has been to in the area, bc let’s face it Guy Fieri might not know trendy hair styles but he sure knows BBQ. Which lead us to “The Joint”.

Obviously Cafe Du Monde French Market is a must but it’s a cafe. Let’s chat restaurants. I’m sharing my top 6 places to eat in Nola. All neighborhoods considered.

circa 2016

Top 6 Places To Eat In Nola

The Joint

The Joint was located right outside of the main part of the city (15-20 cab ride depends on who’s driving) and worth the trip. -and we did it twice because we are stupid and didn’t bother to check if they were open on Sunday’s. (FYI, they are not) There are not words to accurately describe how wonderful these ribs are. I enjoyed every last bite…Despite being so stuff at the end of my meat meal, I could have happily ordered more ribs to go. I have come to the conclusion that if you don’t like BBQ you obviously serve no place in my life.  To say I recommend you people go here is an understatement.

Brennan’s Restaurant

Enjoy a boozy breakfast at Brennan’s Restaurant. This restaurant features many delightful dishes that are famous in New Orleans. Barbequed lobster or eggs are just two of the more popular options that will fill you up in Nola.


Grab yourself one of the best burgers in Nola at Junction. This beer bar features burgers made from grass-fed meat from a local cattle ranch. There are more than a half dozen varieties of burgers to choose from during your time eating in Nola at Junction.

Galatoire’s Restaurant

Enjoy some elegant dining amidst Bourbon Street’s party frenzy at Galatoire’s Restaurant where the dining room features chandeliers and waiters in tuxedos. The menu has a variety of options but the most beloved option is their Soufflé Potatoes so be sure to give them a try.


Enjoy eating in Nola amidst a converted warehouse at Cochon. This is the perfect place to eat in Nola when you’re craving some Cajun food. The menu features fried alligator and other dishes like rabbit and dumplings so you can get a taste of Nola during your time here.

Walker’s BBQ

This location offers French-Louisiana cochon de lait instead of the more famous seafood offerings in Nola. This is essentially suckling pig, and Walker’s BBQ features delicious pork meals that are hickory smoked and Cajun flavored to get a taste of Nola in one simple restaurant.

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