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Empowering Female Influencers and Entrepreneurs to Achieve Unprecedented Wealth

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and influence, there’s a growing wave of fearless, determined women rewriting the rules and making their mark. They’re not merely aspiring for wealth; they’re actively creating it.

In this blog post, I’d like to share a personal journey from Self-Doubt to Wealth, that I hope will inspire and empower women who have faced self-doubt, insecurity, and imposter syndrome. It’s not just about my story; it’s about the potential for greatness that lies within all of us. My hope is that by sharing my experiences, I can encourage other women to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, and overcome the hurdles that life may throw their way.

Empowering Women: A Journey from Self-Doubt to Wealth

A Shared Journey:

My journey is not just about my own growth but about the growth of those around me. It’s a testament to the fact that when we believe in ourselves, we can inspire those we love to do the same. I’ve always been a hustler. But it feels good to be in stride now. I never fantasized about marrying a rich man. I wanted to be one. But the cool thing is when you grow, you grow with the people around you, so as I’ve grown my husband has too. I help him and he helps me. I support him and he supports me. We’ve built this together. 

When I met my husband, our financial situation was far from ideal. He was making $20,000 a year, and I had just left a high-paying job to become a content creator, making only $11,000. It wasn’t an impressive start, but we had dreams, and we knew where we wanted to go.

Today, we’re celebrating our first six-figure week as a family. This journey is a reminder that success isn’t just about individual accomplishments; it’s about the shared path we walk with those who believe in us. Find someone you can build your empire with and go to work.

“Whenever you start doubting yourself,” she said, turning back to the audience, “whenever you feel afraid, just remember. Courage is the root of change and change is what we’re chemically designed to do. So when you wake up tomorrow, make this pledge. No more holding yourself back. No more subscribing to others’ opinions of what you can and cannot achieve. And no more allowing anyone to pigeonhole you into useless categories of sex, race, economic status, and religion. Do not allow your talents to lie dormant, ladies. Design your own future. When you go home today, ask yourself what you will change. And then get started.”

The Power of Belief:

At a critical moment in my journey, I found myself facing a challenge that pushed me 10X outside my comfort zone. Fear and self-doubt were my constant companions, but I realized that courage is the spark that ignites change.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking before audiences and sharing the importance of courage in pursuing our dreams. I encourage women to reject self-doubt and societal expectations and to recognize their potential for creating their own futures.

From Self-Doubt to Wealth

Confronting Fears and Doubts:

Even though I’ve had moments of fear and self-doubt, I’ve learned that confronting these feelings can lead to personal growth. I had to summon the courage to face my fears and step outside my comfort zone.

The prospect of a massive commercial photoshoot was intimidating, and my imposter syndrome loomed large. But by leaning into the fear, I learned that nervousness and excitement share the same source of energy, which can be harnessed to achieve remarkable results.

The photoshoot, despite my initial trepidation, became a transformative experience. I connected with incredibly talented individuals, enjoyed every moment, and emerged with invaluable lessons. My journey shows that embracing fear and discomfort can lead to personal growth and self-discovery.

An Invitation to Dream Big:

From Self-Doubt to Wealth: My journey is an invitation to dream big and take that leap of faith. I believe that every woman can surpass my achievements and that we can support each other in reaching our goals and creating the life of our dreams.

You can do this too. Probably even better than me! I’m here to help you go further faster inside @influencerfastpass to help you build the life of your dreams. It’s all within reach.


This is a story of empowerment, a testament to the potential for greatness within every woman. It’s not about boasting; it’s about inspiring others to believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, and overcome challenges. From Self-Doubt to Wealth. The message is clear: you have the power to achieve your dreams, no matter where you start. Break free from limitations, design your own future, and find the support and inspiration you need to reach your goals.

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