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Bourbon St, Booze and Besties

We were in Nawlins Baby…


Wow! Did we do a lot in the two days we were in New Orleans! Ady was there for a work conference. I had an awful week so on Thursday I booked a ticket to meet up with her for Friday! – some times a girl just needs her bestie.


Most people think of only Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras when thinking of New Orleans. – I did. But the beautiful and historic city is full of plenty of other things to do than throwing beads and drinking until you pass out. Ady and I had such an action packet trip for a city that is only 11 square miles trying to fit in every last activity we could. (Lucky for me because I needed to keep my mind and body busy)


Where to begin? – let me tell you about some of the food we ate. (Basically we f-ING ate everything) I mean, a lot, all kinds and more. Oh, you wanted specifics? Well, Louisiana is known for their creole/southern French inspired sea food. (Think a lot to shrimp with spices and def accompanied by bell peppers and onions) So, we indulged. We had the jambalaya, amazing crawfish, beignets and SO much more ….


Despite spicy seafood (I swear this city alone keeps the pepper industry in business) being a staple here in Nola (that’s short for New Orleans guys) all this girl can think about when she comes to the south is BBQ! So, what do I do? I google places Diner’s Drive-In’s and Dives has been to in the area, bc let’s face it Guy Fieri might not know trendy hair styles but he sure knows BBQ. Which lead us to “The Joint”.

 The Joint was located right outside of the main part of the city (15-20 cab ride depends on who’s driving) and worth the trip. -and we did it twice because we are stupid and didn’t bother to check if they were open on Sunday’s. (FYI, they are not)


There are not words to accurately describe how wonderful these ribs are. I enjoyed every last bite…Despite being so stuff at the end of my meat meal, I could have happily ordered more ribs to go. I have come to the conclusion that if you don’t like BBQ you are obviously a terrorist and serve no place in my life.   To say I recommend you people go here is an understatement. What are you waiting for, do you hate America, go now!

Helping myself to some good ol’ Southern Sweet Tea


Aside from Food which obviously was a huge part of the trip (Bc why not), Ady’s co-worker convinced us to do a haunted house ghost tour through the city. Well the way it was sold to me was, pay this lady and we will be going to a haunted building later today. – oh guess what… This was a 3 hour walking tour through the French Quarter. Our tour guide Teri, is a history teacher in the city of New Orleans and had some great facts about the city. She was awesome, though I did feel like a 3rd grader on a field trip at times. This tour was well worth the cold weather we endured, so we decided it deserved its own post.  Keep checking back as we will describe every scary detail on the spooky stuff from New Orleans. ( Sneak peak… we MAY have had dinner with a ghost which I apparently think is hilarious)

When I first check into a hotel I always ask the front desk what do they recommend, it’s almost the equivalent of asking your waiter to help you select wine. (except you know this guy isn’t trying to upsell you) Always be sure to ask if they have any discounts or the option to arrange tours for you. -ps I’m super lazy when it comes to doing anything for myself in life and even more so on vacation. The front desk recommended several restaurants Muriel’s on Jackson Square and French Market Restaurant and Bar, and the best part was they HIGHLY recommended we attend Sunday morning jazz mass at St. Augastine’s! Only in the South do they recommend church as a “must see destination.” None the less we saw some beautiful cathedrals in Jackson Square, said some prayers, lit candles for our loved ones, and blessed ourselves with a wonderful trip.

Ady stayed here and it was super close to the French Quarter






It was a bitter sweet return back to SF ( and not just because the guy in the middle seat on the way back kept trying to sleep on my shoulder). Ok my gold loving freaks stay tuned we will have an excellent post about the spooky tour we went on coming your way.  If any of you have been to Nola don’t hesitate to tell us what we may have missed and should see next time in the comments below!  Here are a few other snaps of our adventures in NOLA!  


It’s so ironic that New Orleans is a city that is SO alive but remembers and celebrates the history and the people that have passed.  I’m a huge fan of the live music you see and hear EVERYWHERE!

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