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Top 3 Cities in The USA To Visit If Your Love Murals and Wall Art

There’s no better way to explore a city than through its street art, and we’ve had the chance to see some seriously cool murals all over the USA in the past years.

While the United States is home to some seriously cool street art, there have been a few cities that have stood out from the rest. We’ve rounded up the top cities with the coolest murals (that are obvs super insta-worthy) to visit in the USA!


Looking for some of the most instagrammable street art and murals? We've rounded up a list of the top cities in the USA to visit for murals and art, including the best spots to take pictures and exactly where to find them!


Top 3 Cities in The USA To Visit If Your Love Murals and Wall Art


Las Vegas

Forget the bar scene and venture off the strip to explore like a local and find some of the coolest murals in the USA. We’re talking murals featuring pink flamingos, giant snails backdropped by pink gradients, some seriously cool AF retro art, and more!

Keep reading about murals in Las Vegas on this post including exact addresses and photos!

Las Vegas has some of the coolest wall murals in the USA!




As far as fun murals in the USA go, you’re bound to find some of them in Atlanta! We’re talking colorful, quirky, and sometimes slightly weird street art.

Don’t leave Atlanta without spending a few hours on the lookout for the many incredible works of art that call the city home.

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Seriously, there’s an entire park enclosed by some seriously cool street art and some amazing hot spots featuring some of the best street art the country has to offer! To top things off, everything is just too colorful not to make a day out of. If you love taking pictures, you’ll find yourself in heaven here!

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Salem is home to some seriously quirky street art and wall murals!


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And those are our fav murals in the USA! Are there any other great cities to visit for cool street art?