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Top 10 wines under $10


Top 10 wines under $10
Happy Wine Wednesday!  For those of us that drink wine on the reg it’s nice to have a few go-to affordable bottles to choose from.  I put countless hours of research into this blog post when I set out to find the perfect wines on the low low.  It’s a hard job but somebody has to do it.  
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The first recommendation I have is to get a Kroger Plus Card because they’re awesome.  My fiancé pointed this out to me when we went to the grocery store.  I saw a bottle of Menage a Trois for under $10 and an average savings on $3-5 per bottle on the wines I typically buy!  Pretty great deal.  Here are my top 10 wines under $10 if you’re balling on a budget…. oooorrrrr just drink a lot. 



Santa Rita 120, Sauvignon Blanc $9.99



Bay Bridge, Cab $3.00


Black Box, Merlot $21 (4 bottles which averages $5/bottle)



Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Cab $8.99



Foxhorn White Zin $3.00


Oak leaf, Cab $2.97 (from WalMart)






Lucky Star, Pino Noir $9.99 or less
**Barefoot Refresh Perfectly Pink Spritzer 2 for $10 ($5/bottle) – This spritzer is my jam! I’ve been drinking a bottle a night lately because it’s that good!  And for $5 nothing else is stopping me.



What’s your favorite budget wine?  Want more wine we have it!  White wine sangria recipe here, candy and wine pairing here, rose the trend here,  and don’t forget my favorite hammer wine stopper here if you’re getting “hammered”.