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Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Atlanta

The Taylor Swift concert.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking… Ady you’re 30!  Why would you go to a Tay Tay show with 56,000 screaming teenagers? I know I know. But keep in mind I’m 13 going on 30 so I fit in great!  Plus, I would agree if this was old Taylor but new boss babe Taylor with her girl squad is on point!


So here’s the run down… Vance Joy was her opening act.  You can see his set here.  Taylor had an outfit change every 1-2 songs, a giant stage that rotated up down around out and she worked it.  This thing was huge and like a go-go gadget arm that allowed her to reach the back of the stadium.  The stage actually spun over our heads 4 times!  A big part of her stage was a catwalk which she strutted her stuff up and down most of the time.  Looked like she got some major tips from her model gang.

taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga
taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga

In between outfit changes, she had her girl squad give little thoughts and speeches and I couldn’t help but think, “We get it Taylor you’re sooo cool… you’re friends with everyone.”  But then I thought about how dope that is because as she’s rising to the top (hah she’s already there) she’s bringing her friends with her and promoting them!

She’s a team player and I love that about her! I mean she’s so cool she doesn’t even have to bring musicians on stage.  She just brings out basketball players.  Insert Labron James and Dwyane Wade.

Now to throw a tad of shade because 13 is MY lucky number! Hah j/k we can share!  I had a fantastic time!  Taylor even dedicated a speech to KANYE of all people – a fake one may I add but her mother taught her well.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Clap clap for you Tay Tay.

taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga

We had a front-row seat from the catwalk and Taylor has mastered the big bold theatrical movements.  Her dance moves haven’t improved any but she had these moments where you could feel exactly what she was feeling.  She looked so humbled and grateful and appreciative and gave the most thoughtful thankful speech to the crowd.  After all, she did SELL OUT the Georgia Dome.  56,000 deep!  She obviously has her signature looks, poses, singing poses, mic fist pumps, and smiles that are borderline too much but then she had these really genuine ones which I appreciated the most!  Exhibit A.

taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga   taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga
We went to the Atlanta show where ToveLo was her special guest.  And I do love that song and I love her helping others sending the elevator back down (for free may I add) attitude but I expected so much more out of Atlanta.  I expected TI or Missy or Luda – wasn’t expecting ToveLo.
taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga tovelo
She ended with Shake It Off, a fan favorite!  Fringe mania! Loved it.  Her catwalk stopping point was on our exact row so she stopped right next to us every song!  It was amazing!  I recommend side stage row 26!  The middle of the side stage was a great seat!  Even better than the pit up front! When she took a bow I swear she looked through my soul!
taylor swift 1989 world tour atlanta georiga
What I loved the most was that she gave all 56,000 of us wristbands that lit up different colors to different songs and it was magical.  It was like all 56,000 of us were a part of something.  I can’t even explain how awesome it was!  It was a giant karaoke concert too.  Every. single. person. was singing every song at the top of their lungs.  So great!

So I know what you’re wondering now… does Loft 89 exist?  And the answer is YES! We waited until the entire arena cleared out and they were packing up chairs around us.  We saw a group of fans in one section waiting and knew!  During the show, Mama Swift or Taylor Nation will hand you a pass to get backstage if your outfit is on point and your sign is outrageous!  Yes, having a poster or sign is a must.  Crazy outfits and costumes also help.  We had neither. We did however manage to make it all the way backstage to the Loft 89 entrance past loads of security until her tour manager or backstage manager or whomever this evil woman was asked us to leave. #rude  But it was fun!

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Atlanta Recap loft 89


That’s it for now.  Until the next Taylor show.  She won me over and now I officially sing Taylor Swift songs… out loud.  Did you go to the 1989 Tour or any of Taylor’s shows?   What did you think? 

Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Atlanta Recap