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Lulu’s Review: Anon Guy Rating App – The Burn Book for men

Ladies ladies ladies, we are in luck.  I know Tinder is all the craze right now and if you haven’t read my review on Tinder you can just go on and read up here.  But there’s something new I learned about last year that has just recently resurfaced called LuLu (mind blown).

It’s an anonymous rating system where you actually look up a guy (you must be Facebook friends first) and see his rating or rate him.  They thought they could hide… but not so much.

Is your mind blown yet?  Have you downloaded the app yet… ok I’ll wait.  Follow along here.

Step 1. Download App: You will see this message below.

Step 2: Find a guy you want to check out. Below is an example of “a guy” that has been rated, viewed, and favorites.  You can see what other girls say about him on the right.  Love the hashtags.  You can scroll through the reviews to see more information.

The guys are rated in each category below.  Appearance, Humor, Manners etc….


Step 3. Create your own review.  If you are one of the following… ex, crush, hook up etc.  Then you are asked a set of questions to determine a 1-5 star ranking for each category.  They are pretty funny.





Now there is even personalized feedback, truth bombs, private chats, answers to questions, sex ed, and the ability to ask anonymous questions and get answers from dudes!

I’ve found this app to be so entertaining and comical to read reviews on guys I know.  It’s like a club for girls to anonymously trash talk or promote their favorite or least favorite dudes.  I mean it’s looking out for all the other girls out their right?  Right!  SO rate away ladies!

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