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The secret to get rid of a pimple in a day

If you’re anything like me, you’re totally addicted to Dr.Pimple Popper videos on instagram and youtube.  Are you judging me right now?  With over 9 million views I know I’m not alone.  It’s not just me loving these vids.  #guiltypleasure I guess you could call this Friday confessions.  I don’t care what you say, those videos will suck you down the rabbit hole faster than you can say told ya so.

Here are some things I’ve learned about pimples…
ADD: ** if it’s under ground leave it down.


If it has any sort of white head to it you are gonna need to squeeze it. Try not to draw blood, as this could lead to a scab tomorrow.


oh i’m sorry was that too much? haha


Hey, we all have those weeks before our period that it seems everyone on earth schedules a date, wedding, girls night out, or something else we have to show up for looking gorg! Normally no prob give me 2 hours 20 and I’m there.



But these special 7 days before my period my skin says “whoa whoa whoa…. Maybe you should take it easy gf, stay in… Let me help you with that.” -WHAM huge pimple!



I have developed a few tried and true ways of getting rid of these little “face-friends” in roughly 24 hours… 36 is best but look it we don’t always have that much notice when it comes to a zit/a hot date.







Cleanse with something mild (because you will be using a plethora of products, you want the cleanser in between to be the balance between them all). Think of this piece as the ginger that cleanses your pallet after the tastings of sushi.





2nd –

Examine the new face friend, as there are many kinds. Is it small and with a point or white head? Or LARGE, red and throbbing? Is he (always a he because you know why) still underground? I will explain more later on why this is important.






Once you have established what type of battle you will be embarking upon assemble your tools.


Tools include (but not limited to):
  1. Washed hands – Clean hands are a must!
  2. Pimple popping apparatus (if you don’t have one, buy now. – see link here. Thank me later)
  3. Tweezers. Though my dermo would kill me for ever suggesting putting them near my face. Listen ladies this is do or die and we have 24 hours to restore our natural glory. So wash them with some rubbing alcohol and add to the pile.
  4. Exfoliator / Scrub / Facial Brush: this step should be part of your routine already… But what you need now is one a little more abrasive. (I LOVE this one)
  5. Clean towels: this should go with out saying, however as a reminder use clean towels on your face. Take this moment to switch out your wash rag and hand towel to ensure you aren’t adding to new germs to the mix.
  6. Toner: this balances and tones your skin, controls oil, tightens pores, regulates excess sebum production, and refreshes the skin.
  7. Face Mask: ok, this is when I take you back to “what type of pimple” are you working with? That will dictate the type of mask. Ultimately you are tying to dry out the skin. I love, this type of mask when my pimple is an underground. And this type for clogged pores, oil absorbing, relaxing, deep cleaning, anti stress mask.  The one in my skin care drawer is here.  Boscia is my favorite peel off mask perfect for blackhead removal! You can see our full review on that here.



OK, now that we have properly established what we are working with, and gathered the necessary tools, cleaned our hands, have fresh towels in front of us; turn those lights up bright in the bathroom and start picking the shit out of that pimple. My dermatologist always says, 3 strikes you’re out.  So if nothing pops after 3 tries your “friend” is not ready and you have to leave it alone.  Topical / Oral Meds / Face Masks are all you can do.
Ready to pick?  Follow this routine:



Cleanse, exfoliate, pick, cleanse, tone.



Mask, cleanse, pick, cleanse, tone.
**PSA: do not break the skin or scab it up by dragging those picking tools down your face. pick carefully. no blind picking.**





You want to get as much out of that guy as possible!





Once the pimple appears flat, place your favorite pimple med on it (something with sulfur – this one is the best). This is kind of the TMI gross part… but bare with us bc this is important.  Ya know that stage when it looks like it “sort of leaked out some liquid and dried” – pick that top off, try and squeeze it again. And apply more of your fav med. This pimple is NEEDY!  *note: only apply to the direct spot of the pimple or you will have very dry skin around that area which makes it even more noticeable.





You keep repeating the squeeze/apply more crap to your face part until one of these 3 things happens; it’s flat, it stops “leaking”, or you pass out from exhaustion.






APPLY this and lotion (brightening is best)! You have just put a crap ton of stuff to your face and it seems counterintuitive to apply lotion but it’s not. What it does is helps your skin to not produce it’s own oils bc you are keeping it moisturized.  Spritz with this facial spray for that extra touch. Drink tons of water and go to bed!
*and hide your face from anyone that matters






Wake up, with either your pimple gone or well on it’s way, and you being able to enjoy your life!  If your skin is still inflamed in any way shape or form ice the area for 10-15 min with an ice cube and apply Cortizone cream.





My Personal Tips / Recommendations:

I have medical strength antibacterial topical cream that I apply to my skin (on the blemish spot only) after every time I squeeze something out. You can go to a dermatologist and get a prescription for emergencies. I highly recommend doing that.  It’s always better to be prepared.





Let me suggest to any of my friends that break-out routinely either daily/monthly. See the dermo! Trust me! I waited so much longer than I should have. She set me up with a delightful little program of oral meds and topical creams. I visit her monthly and simply love it!





Now please go forth pop your pimples and live your life! I expect lots of beautiful clean skin selfies. Also, I love mask and skin care recommendations… So comment away my loves!




The secret to get rid of a pimple in a day
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