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The Best Stocking Stuffer Ever

What girl doesn’t love flowers?  Moms, friends, bosses, mother in laws, family, basically everyone and their mother loves flowers!  Especially these Bouqs!  These Bouqs are B-E-A-UTI-FUL!  I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on my Snowfall Bouq!  That Bouq was a beaut!  Two dozen White Roses with Red Hypericum accents!  Not to mention they lasted forever and oh by the way they came from a volcano in South America… not some grocery store!!! How freaking awesome is that!

 Pay close attention here… and tell all the men in your life about this little gem… leave a note… send them to my blog… leave the home page open on their smart phone and computer… this one YOU NEED!  It’s like Dummies Guide for Sending Flowers.  This amazing tool helps the men in your life remember special days…. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s Day and so many more!  Just pick the number of special events you need below.  There are 3 different options and with a $34 average over not forgetting and nasty grocery store flowers… I’d say it’s a WIN!  Totes worth it!

There is even a concierge service that is now 25% off and will totally rock your world!  Email reminders for anniversaries, random selection flowers, or sign up for bi weekly delivery!  It’s amazing all you can do now!  
I will tell you … I’ve had many flowers in my life. Grocery store, 1800, etc… and these stayed fresh the longest.  They were the prettiest.  They were the biggest.  And they had a great backstory… which I’m kind of a sucker for!  
And just when you thought ordering these couldn’t get any easier… they even have an APP!

If you’re the kind of girl that never gets tired of a beautiful BOUQ!  Follow along here… to get your daily dose of gaaaawwwwwgeous flowers!

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