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“Now Ady” Series on Southern Mothers Nice Nasties

This series is about the things Mothers say and the advice they give… especially Southern Mothers who aren’t afraid to speak their mind!  

Sometimes it’s advice… sometimes it’s a back handed compliment… you can never really tell because it could be the meanest thing but it’s said so sweetly and in such a sweet tone of voice.  These Southern women are what we call Queens of Nice Nasties.  I know when my Mom and Grandmother would give me advice they would say… “Now Ady…” 

So this is dedicated to all Mothers and their wonderful “isms” that have continued to provide entertainment for me and all my friends through the years! You know who you are!

For those of you that don’t have “Southern Mothers” or aren’t familiar with these Nice Nasties (you’re lucky) I’m going to share my “advice” with you! (and boy do I have a lot) 

Here are just a few…. Oh and don’t forget to read these out loud in a Southern accent!

“Now Ady, pearls go with everything.”

“Now Ady, don’t be such a lazy galoot…”

“Now Ady, it was good, if I do say so myself”

“Now Ady, ain’tu a sight for sore eyes!”

“Now Ady, …know what I mean butter bean?”

“Now Ady, I’m ok I don’t need anything I’m hunky-dory.”

“Now Ady, yes I am gonna go in the water every time cuz it’s hot as blue blazes outside!”

“Now Ady, that might’ve come out a little country, But every word was right on the money!”

“Now Ady, it takes one to know one.”

You can find more Nice Nasties HERE and HERE + more to come! 

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