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5 Ways to Nail V-Day Like a Boss

5 Ways to Nail VDay Like a Boss


Check out my eBay guide here!  The so basically basic guide on HOW TO NOT EFF UP VALENTINE’S DAY!

If being excited about Valentine’s Day is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Don’t stress because I’m here to help! You’ve come to the right place.  Don’t want your bro to blow V-Day?  Just send him my way.  Want to be a “COOL” girlfriend this year?  Keep reading… What to wear for your bae on VDay?  I got you boo!  Single?  Just broke up? It’s all here….

Valentines Day.  Some people love it.  Some people hate it.  Either way we’ve got the perfect guide for you!  Contrary to popular belief relationships and love aren’t all about roses, expensive dinners, chocolates, lingerie and teddy bears on Valentines Day.  Every love and every relationship is unique and so should the way you celebrate it!  Don’t be basic. 

Put some thought into gifting.  Get the other person something they ACTUALLY want.  Just because it’s VDay doesn’t mean it has to be red and covered in hearts.  Gifts don’t have to be just products too.  You can make something and go DIY, do a photoshoot, go out, play games, have a staycation, or go on vacation!

Gifts for him

ChargersKeurigWork Desk GiftsSports RelatedWhiskeyBoxers, and anything bacon related are always a home run in the man department!

Basically the Best Bro Valentine's Gifts from COOL Girlfriends

Gifts for her

Listen bro, I’ve literally given you the step by step guide on how to nail VDay like a pro!  Champagne or wine, flowers and chocolate, even cupcakes… all basics that are in the safe zone!  Hand written cards and sharing those dreaded “feelings” are where it’s at!  I mean Noah wrote Allie 365 love letters {The Notebook reference} I think you can write 1!  



I love you jewelry  {read Kate Spade bracelets below} or even customized location jewelry, or something with initials on it get major bonus points! You’re. Welcome.  Cute coffee mugspurses and cute clutchesbooksnail polish, or candles always go a long way!  Think of something that would be meaningful to the person you love!

How to Nail VDay like a BOSS

Going out?

Sometimes we want the full sha-bang… The wine, the roses, and the four course meal. If that’s the case start dropping hints to your man now. As reservation for Valentine’s Day will fill up. First things first, if you are expecting to be taken out to dinner (like duh) START REMINDING HIM NOW THAT VALENTINES DAY is even a day. Most guys don’t think about these things (or anything) until we subtly remind them especially if you want your guy to take you somewhere that uses linen table clothes!

The hints you need to drop about going out depend on what you have your heart set on doing? A great option is going to drinks first and a later dinner. This option beats the rush, and the awkwardness of all the couples that ran out of topics of conversation 35 minutes ago; while you and your guy make-out in the corner and spoon feed one another. 

Another great option for Valentine’s Day is eating small meals at a few places, Ya know a classy version of bar hopping because there is food involved.  Want to do something different?  Head to a comedy show, concert, go shooting, hunting, to a cabin or hotel in town!  Just do something you both like together.  It doesn’t have to be dinner.

The Perfect V-Day Outfit

Start getting ready now with new pumps, lipstick and that LBD!  If you can’t tell I’m a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of black and white!  I’m one to start with basics and keep the details in my accessories!  Snake skin, animal prints, red, crimson, burgundy, pink, are all great shades to stay in!  Spice it up!  Mix lace and leather or throw on a furry jacket to stay warm!

Staying In?

Whether the reason to stay in is to avoid the cold, the crowds or just want to spend some more intimate time together. Staying in on Valentine’s Day is always an amazing option!  Cook your man his favorite meal or even better make it together. You can also order in and just make a dessert together!

Grab some Chocolate Body Paint and massage oil while you’re at it, because why not… These What I Love About You activity books are my favorite!  Consider filling those out together and getting to know each other better.  You can also play video games, decorate the house, play games together, or create a DIY 100 Days of Love craft together!

To all the single ladies, all the single ladies:

Now let’s get to the real meat of this… Single ladies let’s face it, being single on Valentine’s Day is the best day of the year. It’s guaranteed that every guy out is single as well. (Unless he’s literally the biggest asshole created, but let’s hope he’s wearing a tag that says that). So ladies put on a sexy outfit, a smile and prepare to accept purchased drinks by many a handsome man tonight, because the bar scene will be crawling with singles.  

Ok… so you’re one of those … who sits around hating VDay because you are single or just broke up with your boyfriend…. Don’t worry I got you too!  

Throw a party, get together with your bestie or send yourself a gift ahead of time!  Grab things like wine glassestequilaconfettia pinatastick your ex dolladult coloring books, or dvds and create a ‘be mine’, ‘pity party’, or ‘you don’t need him anyways’ gift basket!   How fun right!  Then head to the bar for the Anti V-Day parties and look on the plus side… everyone is single!!!  

The Perfect Valentine's Outfit

Let’s summarize…. if you want be taken out, given gifts and spend some quality time with your guy, start mentioning V-Day now. My single PIC’s start primping and prepping for what is the best single day of the year… Mmk. 😉  So, go out have a great time and report back.


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