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Unplug and Reconnect with Your Partner at Pinot’s Pallette


Technology and social media have officially taken over the world. People sit at dinner tables together and are staring at their phones instead of their company. I’m in meetings at work, and I kid you not, there are those “professional” colleagues of mine on their phones checking Facebook or Instagram. Really?! I am 100% certain this company doesn’t pay you to maintain your social status. We need to unplug! We need to reconnect! March 3rd was the National Day of Unplugging. Yes, the world had to make this a day because we have gone too far. If it can’t stop, we can slow down and take a moment and look at the people around us. Genuine people, the same people who make time to tell the world what they are doing on Twitter or Facebook, but can’t take the time to tell you in person. I’m guilty of this too, we all are. So I urge you to take some time to unplug and make real connections throughout your day.

I made a deal, I received an offer from Pinot’s Palette to unplug for the day to enjoy my partner and commit to being present in the moment with him. Work is overwhelming and when I do come home, I want to be with him and talk and listen. I must say, I am not one to hold on my phone too much anyways but it was really nice making that conscious effort. When it comes to social media, I’m not obsessed with it, but I do write for a blog that I love and that takes time and effort online and on social. Whether you are like me or on the more extreme side, take a moment and read these benefits of unplugging to take a date night the right way.

Pinot's Palette

Benefits of National Day of Unplugging

1. Quality Time

Laying around the house when your partner is home doesn’t count. Allow yourself to turn off all electronics and really listen and talk to your significant other. Watch their facial and body expressions to see what is exciting them at the moment, what they are stressed out about, and ways that you can be a part of both of those scenarios.

2. Fun

When you laugh with your partner, you connect with your partner. It’s that simple. We laughed at our different painting styles and how much they proved that I am Type A and he is completely Type B. There is nothing like a little painting and drinking that will prove your personality type!

3. Express Yourself

Whether its through art or through conversation with your love, it’s important to talk one on one about life. Your significant other is usually your best friend and biggest supporter. It’s vital to express yourself and who you are. It’s important that you know who they are down to their soul too. Its a give and take and expressing yourself can be done many other ways than through pictures on Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, I love those pictures, keep posting…but be sure to unplug and share yourself with your partner first.

4. Relaxing

Unplug from your phone and computer screens and let your brain rewire! It will not only be good for you and your partner, but there are sleep benefits as well as work benefits to being rested.  Plus it’s just good for your eyes.

Pinot's Palette Instructor

Pinot’s Palette is a great option for unplugging and having a date night. You can go to Pinot’s Palettes website and pick the best night for your based off your availability and the painting you would like to create. If you have never heard of Pinot’s Palette, it is a studio/bar where you hand paint, listen to music, and enjoy wine or beer. It is a really awesome business that seems to be booming. Our class was completely full, about 30 people. They offer daytime, evening, and weekend classes. Don’t worry about it if you’ve never touched a paint brush. For some reason, they all turn out wonderful and different and that’s part of the fun.


Unplug, go reconnect with your partner, and create a masterpiece that inevitably turns into an amazing memory!

pinots_palette_date night

Big thanks to Pinot’s Palette for sponsoring this post.