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How to adjust and space out your Instagram bio + what you should actually put there

Instagram tips and tricks

I know Instagram is your favorite social media platform. It’s ours too…sometimes. This is a question we get pretty frequently and since not everyone knows how to space out their bio on IG, I thought I’d give y’all a quick tutorial on how to do that! It’s easy peasy!

Just remember your IG bio is searchable so fill that sucker with keywords baby! Even emojis are searchable so feel free to use those as bullet points at the beginning of each new line or next to your name for a little something extra. You get 150 characters for your bio and 33 for your IG name so utilize every character!

A few things I recommend putting in your Instagram bio

1.Your location

Why? Because it’s relatable. It’s the easiest way to form your tribe. I mean what better way to find like minded individuals than your own backyard! If you’re Instagram account is a business profile then you will have an address section where you can put the actual location of your business or just your city and state if you’re a blogger.  If you’re not a business profile, you can add your location (or if you’re a travel blogger, where you’re currently exploring) where your name is on your bio so on location searches within Instagram you come up first. If you’d rather have “blogger” in that spot and have your location in your bio, that’s fine too!

For example, I have Atlanta, GA as my location in my bio but I also have a pin emoji and a “currently exploring” line to let people know where I am. If you’re a food blogger you might have a food tour location or a restaurant you’re visiting you could add here. If you’re writing a book you might have a book tour location you can add here. And so on…

For Example:

instagram verbal gold blog
instagram verbal gold blog

2. Why people should follow you

Do you have a freebie? Do you sell something? Are you a travel blogger with an amazing new story or trip? Is there a sale? Are you offering a free graphic or photo wallpaper? Whatever it is, add the reason why!

3. Link it

Which brings me to my next point. Link it! Whatever the reason is that people should be following you, make it easy for them! You have less than 2 seconds, plus people are lazy so you want to make it as easy as possible. [Read. AS EASY AS POSSIBLE] Add the link to your freebie, blog, book, email sign up, product, etc in your bio.  You can change this link everyday if you want to or update it as you see fit. If you want to go one step further, head to or pretty link to track it!

4. Email

I took my email off for awhile because I’m a business account and the email button is right there on my bio with the click of a button but what I realized was that no one was actually doing that.  I mean very few people were reaching out.  As soon as I added my email back with a cute little envelope heart emoji and the phrase PR/Collabs: [email protected] right on my IG bio my inbox suddenly started to become flooded with collaboration requests. (see picture above or see here) This goes back to the fact that people are lazy and they want the information they’re looking for as fast and as easy as possible. If you have room to add your email. Do it.

5. Who you are and what you do!

You can add this where your name is on your bio so when people search by description (like travel blogger) you come up first. For instance my name says Ady | Travel Blogger and the very next line is a description of what I do. “Bestie global lifestyle and travel blog” or sometimes “Global lifestyle and travel blog of your new best friends” plus relevant emojis, depending on my word count. Let people know what you do immediately.

Food blogger, travel writer, freelancer, mommy blogger, creative mastermind, social media guru, whatever works for you! Save the wife, mom, 2 kids, husbands name is blah, kids names are blah, love my dogs, love my family, regular coffee drinker etc.. for your personal Instagram page. No offense but that kind of description doesn’t make me want to follow you. Instead try something like, Family oriented blogger that brings you daily doses of fitness, fun, and mom life to inspire you to live your best life. or that brings you easy 30 minute recipes for your busy life. or that brings you ultimate travel guides to inspire your next great adventure. See what I mean?

People want to know “what’s in it for me” and your husband and kids names don’t really do it for me. #sorrynotsorry

This is also where you can add your brand hashtag if you have one. For example, ours is #VGBsquad! (shameless plug – feel free to use that!)

6. Website

Only if this link is different than the actual link in your bio. For example, I have my blog in my bio and then our most recent blog post or youtube video linked in my bio that corresponds with my latest IG post. Right now I have our most recent freebie linked (Get My Ultimate List Of Over 150 Influencer Networks So You Can Start Monetizing Your Blog Today!!)

Once you have all of your information, organize it so it’s easy to read!

How to space out your Instagram bio

(without using slashes and dots to separate things)

To do this…ready?…. it’s literally the easiest thing ever.

Step 1.

Type your bio in the IG mobile app with the emojis and everything you want.

Step 2.

Head to Instagram name) on your DESKTOP. Go to your profile, hit return where you want line breaks and hit save.

Step 3.

Refresh your IG on your mobile phone and review your work. If you like the way everything looks then you’re done!

Check out these before and afters

instagram verbal gold blog social media tips

instagram verbal gold blog social media tips

What do you think? Hope this little hack helps! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @Verbalgoldblog while you’re at it! ?

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