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Personalize Your Bathroom Remodel Project to Fit Your Style


Bathroom remodels offer a whole range of possibilities for creating a space that will reflect your personality and that can serve as your private sanctuary and relaxation room. Your bathroom, much like your bedroom should be a space that you feel most comfortable in. There is nothing more relaxing than a bubble bath combined with scented candles and a glass of wine, but you can’t relax if your bathroom design makes you cringe every time you enter this space.

Start with the tiles

That is the first step. Take the time and find the perfect tile design. You can combine different options so as to make the entire concept that much more personal. The first step is to pick your must-have tiles, ones that will dominate your space. It is best to keep the number of different tiles up to three, that way you won’t go overboard and create a bathroom design that seems overcrowded and overwhelming. You can do nude shades and add an occasional colourful print. Or if you feel like going regal, consider adding some gold and turquoise tones. Finally, take maintenance into account, ceramic and porcelain tiles require minimal time to clean while if you go for natural stone ones, remember that they require more maintenance and do have to be sealed

Find the perfect vanities

Now, this is the fun part, you get to choose the ideal sink and other pieces that will make your bathroom look irresistible. Of course, when choosing quality bathroom vanities you need to take into consideration their size and colour, not to mention style. It takes a bit of time to mix and match different pieces, but the end product can be fantastic. Don’t be afraid to combine modern sink cupboard designs with your vintage freestanding bath and brass taps. The most important thing is that it represents your personal design ideas and style inspirations. Of course, you shouldn’t stray too far from your selected colour choices as not to create a clash that disrupts the decor.

Your ideal bathtub

Showers are great, but a bathtub is the epitome of a great bathroom. It can be the centerpiece that will help bring the entire decor together. You can go with modern lines that will work well with the new tile designs and shapes, or you can opt for the fantastic vintage freestanding bathtub. What could be more romantic, than a large bathtub, standing on beautifully engraved steel legs. With it as your centerpiece everything else will come second and serve as background to this memorable piece. Don’t forget, you need to take the size of your bathroom into consideration so as not to let the bathtub of your choice overtake the entire space making it too small and stuffy.

Make sure you get enough light

Another great way to add a personal touch to your bathroom style is by opting for unique lighting fixtures. It goes without saying that you need great lighting in your bathroom, and at times, natural light isn’t an option, so LED light bulbs and some amazing lamps can really create the ideal conditions for your space. You can go with vintage wall lamps on each side of your mirror, or opt for a more modern look by placing the lighting fixture right above it. Don’t forget to leave some room for candle light and to install some light dampers so that you can create the ideal relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

The final touches

All that is left are some final touches to make the space perfectly styled. You can add some personalized monogrammed towels to make it a bit more personal and to elevate the whole decor. Choose the ideal scent that will fill the room, lavender is always a great choice, and go with the soft and colourful bathroom mat. Don’t forget, some carefully placed paintings can definitely up the style of your bathroom. Opt for neutral frames with small graphics or watercolor scenery, so that you get a more relaxed feel rather than strong imagery.

There you have it, some easy to apply tips on how you can add that personal touch to your bathroom remodel. By applying them in the right way you’ll be able to turn your bathroom in a place of rest and relaxation, something we all need in our busy and stressful lives.