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nuhanzi life feminist woman

Introducing some badass women and a badass brand! #Nühanzi

nuhanzi life feminist woman

Happy happy 2017 and another motivational Monday! How are everyones New Years resolutions going?  I prefer to set goals for the year.  Short term and long term personal and professional goals to keep me on track and motivated throughout the year.  One of my goals for this year is to engage more with our #VGBsquad and get to know y’all a little better! We receive so many sweet notes and messages on how we inspire you and it seriously makes our day (and keeps us going)! Another one of our goals is to keep providing new quality content for you guys and to keep inspiring you! Because you inspire us!  I love our squad and the blog community we’re so lucky to be apart of.

I opened up the blog to my best friends last year and this year, to anyone that wants to contribute!  It’s your space to come and hang with friends. Get advice, give advice, join the squad!  I love seeing the squad grow.  I’m all about the entrepreneurial spirit and love helping other women succeed!

Just check out our own #VGBsquad with their new blossoming businesses!

nuhanzi life feminist woman

Katherine is not only an amazing person, blogger, and friend, but a dynamite freelance make up artist!  She’s a rockstar and so much fun to be around!

nuhanzi life feminist woman

Alex, our health nut, is now a yogi! She teaches yoga at Core Power in Atlanta and also does corporate and freelance classes at different studios so be on the lookout!

Jennifer is a badass photographer! Words cannot express how dope she is.  Her work is incredible and she always has her own vision in mind for the shoot. Not only that, she has the ability to make you feel so comfortable and will direct and help pose you.  She pays attention to detail like no one I’ve ever met and her passion for what she does is very evident! She’s extremely knowledgeable about photography.  Jennifer travels and covers all bridal shoots including boudoir, weddings, parties, plus editorial, lifestyle, and everything in between!  You can hit her up here.

Kelly started a brand new company and built her first product from start to finish in less than a year! She’s getting ready to go to market and I can’t wait to share it with y’all! She’s also a ridiculously talented artist and teaches pilates in Seattle in her spare time!  What a boss!

I seriously could go on and on about our VGBsquad! I mean Samantha (from The Samantha Show) is crushing it with her blog! Rebekah teaches dance and has really became a bad ass branding and creative genius! Susie is an author, consultant, and life coach! We were even featured in her book which you can find here! Samantha is my favorite RN and laser specialist at Atlanta Face and Body! Jamie from Makeup Life and Love and MLL Designs is a graphic designer mastermind and website wiz! I can’t brag on her enough! Jennifer, I have a feeling, is going to be the best VA ever and runs Jayne Media and Home Spun Happiness! I mean… wow! I’m always so impressed with everyones success! It’s so motivating!

nuhanzi life feminist woman

It’s contagious! I love being around these entrepreneurial independent women!  I even started helping businesses and bloggers increase their social engagement this year.  I began offering small business and blog consulting, and might even have a new business venture or two in my future!

These girls are the best and I love love love that they’ve come into their own and started their own endeavors!  They amaze me every day! Definitely Nühanzi Women!

Empowering other women is what we’re all about!  That’s why we’ve partnered with Emmy award winning journalist Allison Haunss from “The Working Woman Report” and Nühanzi (her new lifestyle brand) because she is such an inspiration!

Allison was inspired by the name concept of a “Nühanzi Woman” after she read several articles about a growing feminist movement in China, where more independent “badass” women are now calling themselves Nühanzi or 女汉子.

She started Nühanzi life to inspire and empower women around the world to identify with the unique word as a way of gaining power and deeply connecting with their most authentic, powerful, badass self. (Even if that “self” means ruffling a few feathers.)

I can definitely identify with that! In the South people are not so open minded sometimes and tend to lean on the conservative side.  I remember when I dyed my hair unicorn the number of questions I got about when it was going to be “back to normal.” But guess who gives a flying F about being normal? Not me! Because no body has time for that. Fitting in is sooooo 1999. Plus, I’m too busy being a badass boss betch! The only thing that matters is you and what makes you happy. So do you boo boo! Stay true to yourself and get out from underneath the pressure.

Nühanzi is a movement I had to get behind!  Because women need to support other women with no judgment. I hate that it took me so long to feel comfortable with myself.  The second that you are honest with yourself about who you are…that genuine authentic real shit… it’s powerful and it will set you free.  Need more inspiration? Check out our interview with Ashley Longshore.  The most amazing artist and boss bitch around.  She’s someone who went left when Southern society said go right and now she’s laughing her ass all the way to the bank!

nuhanzi life

Nühanzi (女汉子) is a community of love and strength focused on empowering women and girls. From the Shanghai daily… “More women in China are willing to call themselves Nühanzi, a popular term referring to members of the fairer sex who are independent, candid and strong.”

Through sharing our stories of success and failure, love and loss we hope we can truly lift one another up to find that unique power that lies deep within each and every one of us.

While some people have taken the meaning of Nühanzi to mean “manly women” we believe the Nühanzi woman embraces her femininity without losing any strength. Are you a #Nühanzi woman? We sure hope so. We are stronger together.

You don’t have to live in China to identify as Nühanzi! Take the Nühanzi quiz now: What percent Nühanzi are you?

You can learn more about the Nühanzi life here or shop the store here.

nuhanzi life feminist woman


Remember to keep building each other up! Support you local businesses.  Support your entrepreneurial friend. Support yourself! Let’s keep helping each other because we are stronger together! There’s enough room at the top for everyone! Cheers to everyone having an amazing, successful, and unforgettable 2017!




*This post is sponsored by Nuhanzi but all opinions are my own.