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Saying Thank You in Style // 3 Design Ideas For Your Next Thank You Note

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Showing gratitude is such an important part of life and doing it with style and a personal touch is just the icing on the cake! There is so much to be thankful for in this life. Friendship, travel, adventure, food, good health, the list goes on and usually all of the above are paired with some sort of support system and someone to thank. So, let’s talk gratitude and thankfulness and how we can all show each other that we are grateful in a classic and easy way.

Going above and beyond to say thanks doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. Treating someone to a coffee or meal is always nice and who doesn’t love an impromptu present, but it’s not always easy finding time to go out or go shopping let alone coordinate time with friends who have just as busy a schedule as you. Save those precious moments together for big events like weddings, celebrations, and weekends away. Instead, throw it back to the simple times of writing a hand-written thank you note and sending your gratitude sealed with a stamp.

It may sound outdated, but having access to the world wide web and all of the glorious resources it provides makes almost everything easier even creating and ordering thank you notes! These days it’s more likely than not that someone orders their wedding invitations or birthday party invites from an online vendor so why not other stationery like business cards and thank you notes. It’s simple, easy, and you can end up with some seriously cute products that will make you want to write a thank you note.

Basic Invite is an online stationery design company working hard to create the perfect card for all of life’s milestones and major moments. Thanks to their unique instant preview technology and endless customization options, you can create virtually any card design you want for any occasion! Basic Invite is awesome because they offer 180 custom colors to choose from and allow their customers the option to edit every aspect of any design. That means custom colors, font styles, wording, images, placement… a truly unique design. Since we are talking gratitude and thank you notes here are a few of our favorite design ideas and thank you note examples for your next moment of gratefulness.

3 Design Ideas For Your Next Thank You Note


  1. Photo Thank Your Cards

If you are a travel junky and constantly meeting people who help you find your way around a city or reach out to friends who let you crash on their couch is the perfect excuse to create photo thank you cards with an adventurous twist. Upload your own photo or photo collage onto your thank you notes. Show your loved ones your favorite travel photos so they know that their part in your adventure does not go unnoticed.

  1. Colorfully Customized or Simple and Sweet

Keep your design sweet and simple or vamp up your look by choosing some of your favorite color schemes. With over 180 colors and more than 1500 thank you card designs you can mix and match designs and color palettes to create a few different looks to have on hand. This way you can pick and choose a thank you note that you know a specific person will adore.

  1. Monogram It

Monograms or name customizations are always a perfect touch to a thank you card design. It’s personalized and stylish which means whomever you are thanking will know exactly who it’s from and they may even end up making their own! This will give you a truly custom and truly unique design.


Saying thank you can be easy and fun! And with Basic Invite you can shop, design, and order your thank you cards all from the comfort of your own home and on your time which is perfect for us on the go girls! Head over to Basic Invite and customize yours today!

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